Monday, December 31, 2007

Today met Charmaine + Sam + Adel for lunchie & shopping trip.. This preggie woman wanted to have Ajisen so meeting them @ Plaza Singapura... Off work @ 12.30pm & went abit of window shopping before meeting them... Was searching for a nice photo frame to frame up my 全家福 but in vain... Then passed by a shop that sell Scrape Book materials & went in to have a look... The samples was sooooooooooooooo nice & I was sooooo tempted to get one myself to start a new hobby... But it's not a very cheap hobby to keep up with...

Anyway, had a very full lunchie @ Ajisen before we start our shopping... Went to look for Charmaine's sister for awhile before driving to CentrePoint as Charmaine wanted to go Robinson as they're having up to 70% sales... 1st stop was to Mothercare then followed by GAP... Both of us were busying shopping for our little princes clothes & it's really quite worth buying as they're having 30% storewide & there's an additional of 15% for any 3 items & above... So in the end both of us ended up with 7-8 pcs in total (I only got 2 pcs of rompers & the rest was hers) & total bill came up to $124++ after 40.5% discount... So averagely, it's $17++ per piece... Supposed to make payment as we wanted to see other things & also to apply for the GAP membercard, but due to their machine's down, we had to go back about 1/2 hour later to get it processed... To apply as a member of GAP, there's 2 ways... It's either you can purchase up to $300 in a single receipt or you can opt for the accumulate $300 within 6 months... Of cuz I'll go for the accumulative method since it's within 6 months...



So went up to Robinson's Kids department to look @ baby stuffs while waiting Sam to join us... Maybe due to it's New Year's eve, the shopping malls is 人山人海... Even there's a long queue @ the taxi stand despite the price increased in the fares... Charmaine & I bought toothbrushes for our little ones... Think it's time for little prince to brush his teeth as he's already having 2 upper & 2 lower teeth... But still thinking when to start him, hmm...


Sam came to join us after he got some bedsheets & we proceeded back to GAP as the SA called & said the machine is back to normal... I finally got my GAP membership!!! All thanks to Charmaine & Sam as Sam got himself a GAP leather bag for his work usage, courtesy by his lovely wife & that's how I can get the membership instantly... Well, GAP's membership doesn't come in cards, all you need is your I/C No as a pin & viola, that's your membership... Kinda cool right?

As I'd mentioned in my post yesterday that 老公 lost one side of little prince's shoe? We went over to OG & I intend to get the same one but Charmaine told me to choose another design... So I finally got one new pair to replace the lost one... But I still prefer the lost one as 妈咪 bought it for little prince...


After having walked around for almost 3 hours +, we decided to call it a day & Sam sent to Raffles Mrt station as both my legs' killing me & I'm lazy to change train... 老公 fetched me up from Tanah Merah Mrt together with little prince & went to have our dinner...

Can someone just date me out??? It's soooooooo boring to cope @ home during New Year's eve... =(

To Charmaine + Sam:
Thanks for the shopping companion & also the ride to Raffles Mrt station!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I totally LOVE this pic that Nadia edited for me!


Today was another family day for little prince & my parents... Time flew past very fast... In another 1 day's time, it's a brand new year 2008... Have you people make any plans for the Countdown 2008? If yes. then good for you! =)

Drove back to 妈咪's place about 3+pm before getting caught in the rain... Little prince was busying playing the balls that 爹地 got for him... After 妈咪 & 爹地 got themselves ready, it started to rain damn heavily & we had to brave our way out in the rain to my car as we doesn't want to stay @ home... 爹地 suggested to go over to the new Kallang Leisure Park as it was renovated & it's totally different from the old Leisure Park... It's been donkey years since I last went there so I'm ok with that idea, although I prefer to go shop for little prince's CNY clothes as well as mine...

It's raining cats & dogs while on the expressway... It's my 1st time to drive under this kind of situtation & I had to drive damn slow as the rain was way toooooooooooooooo heavy & it almost blurred my vision on the road... Reached Kallang Leisure Park around 6.40pm & it's still raining heavily... The moment I stepped into the mall, I was kinda disappointed as the shops not fully opened & it's still very bare...

Headed to the foodcourt to have our dinner & it's pretty crowded but we still managed to find a seat... During dinner, little prince was screaming @ the top of his lungs for no reasons... Although I know there's nothing we can do to stop him from doing that (as it's their learning process), but still kinda irritating to my ears... Sometimes he even did that in the car when I'm driving... After dinner, we went walked around the premises & then to Cold Storage as I need to get baby wipes for little prince... We went home shortly as there's really nothing much to shop there... While on the way home, little prince did that irritating screaming again... duhz~

老公 came down to fetch us as he need to buy his cigarettes & he offered to take little prince's diaper bag... And while on the way there, I think 老公 accidentally lost one side of little prince's shoes... I only found out when he came home... Now I have to go get another pair of shoes for little prince, if not he will not have any shoes for his shopping trips...

Tomorrow's another 1/2 day for me as it's New year's eve! Gonna buy a pair of shoes for little prince after work... Till now, I have no plans for the countdown thingy as it's pretty not worth & expensive to go clubbing (cuz of the cover charges)... Or maybe I should just stay home & countdown with 老公 & little prince? Hmm... We shall see about it!

To Nadia:
Thanks for editing the pic for me! I LOVE IT VERY VERY MUCH! MUACKS~

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today had a mini catch up over @ Darren's place with Charmaine + Sam + Adel... Supposed to be over @ his place between 12.30 - 1pm, but I only woke up @ 1.30pm (after having more than 16 hours of beauty sleep)... Quickly got up to get little prince & myself ready before the rain 'decided' to fall...

F1 up to Darren's place @ Sembawang as Charmaine + family already there & plus Sam waiting for me @ the carpark to pass me some parking coupons... Upon reaching, very very YUMMY food was awaiting for me to 'attack' them... And I saw MY FAVORITE food SAKAE Sushi! Darren really know ME best... LOL... Charmaine also bought some yummy food over & we had a great time catching up over food...

Glad that little prince was enjoying himself there by crawling here & there @ the living room... While the kids enjoying themselves, we adults also enjoying ourself catching up with one another... We hardly meet up as each of us are busy with our own life, but we already trying our best to meet up whenever we can... Catherine & Eunice supposed to join us today, but they're busy with their stuffs... But it's ok and even though we don't get to meet up frequently, we do still keep in contact... Think the most frequent people that I meet in this group is Charmaine + Sam + Adel... Well, we gonna meet up as and when we can, even though it's not a weekly thing... 好朋友不用太多, 有几个就够了... Cuz if too many, politics will be all over... So just a few is good enough!

To Darren, Charmaine + Sam:

Thanks for the lovely afternoon although it's a short one & just these few of us. I truly enjoyed your companionship! Anyway, it's the COMPANION THAT'S MOST IMPORTANT!

To Darren:
Thanks for the YUMMY Sakae Sushi & KFC! You really know me well that I LOVE SAKAE! =)
To Charmaine:
Thanks for the YUMMY Dim Sum too! Thanks babe!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Actually I took this about 2 weeks ago... I'm so surprised that I've earned myself another $300++ in my widgetbucks account... I'm soooooo happy... If you peeps had been following my blog entry, I did mentioned that I've just gotten my 1st paycheck from WidgetBucks? I banked (actually Charmaine helped me to bank in la) in on the 11th Dec 2007 but till now the amount still NOT being reflected in my bank account... So I called up the bank few days ago to check & they said had to wait for @ least 21 days to clear foreign cheque... So I have no choice but to wait till mid January to see the money credited to my account... Anyway, any kind souls wanna help me in applying for PayPal? Please?

Finally! Got a pic of my happy & blissful 全家福! We never ever had the CHANCE to take a pic together... It's either pics of me & little prince, or 老公 & little prince, never ONCE 3 of us together... All thanks to William for making my wish came true... He took this pic for us on Christmas day (while I'm attending my bestie's ROM)...

Our happy & blissful family

This whole week been sleeping early after feeding little prince his last feed of the night... 老公 also slept early... That's explanined why I'm seldom online or even to update my blog... Think will be adapting to this kind of 'sleep early' thingy during weekdays...

To William:
Thanks for taking this nice pic for us!

To any kind souls out there:

Can help me on how to go thru' the procedure of PayPal? Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Today's Christmas Day! It's also my bestie's wedding! Woke up @ 2pm & quickly got myself prepared to attend her ROM ceremony @ Aranda Country Club... Saw quite a number of my very long friends & my bestie's TOOOOOOOO beautiful! I had a great time catching up with my friends as I seldom see them cuz most of us are pretty busy with our own life... Little prince also had his fair share of fun as he's being carried by most of the guests there & also got an 红包 from the groom... I'm really happy for her as she had once again found the love of her life & I believe & very sure of her current hubby will love & pamper her with his greatest love! I was soooooooooooooooooo ENVY when I saw her wedding pics, cuz for me I haven't even had my OWN wedding pics! I've hinted 老公 about 我的不满 & he only nodded his head & said we're gonna take soon! Buy he didn't say HOW SOON! DUHZ~

Anyway, went home after that whole event & it's time for little prince to unwrap his 1st Christmas pressies from me, Charmaine, Darren, Eunice & Catherine... Although it's only a few pressies that he got, but it doesn't matter as it's the thoughts that count!


Little prince's christmas pressies!


To Charmaine 姨姨, Eunice 姨姨, Catherine 姨姨 & Darrren 叔叔:
Thanks for the christmas pressies! I love them very much as it's my 1st christmas pressies!
From: Little prince, Kayden 伟文

I will be seeing Dr. John for slimming 1st before I take my wedding pics!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Today was Christmas Eve & I'm working 1/2 day! 老公 sent me to MRT station today instead...
Met Cynthia after work as she also worked till 1pm as I wanted to get falsies from Cineleisure as their volume falsies stocks came in on Saturday... Reached our meeting point exactly @ 1pm but Cynthia was late due to some circumstances.... Crossed over to Cineleisure & headed straight to Dodo Club... Their so-called volume falsies was not what I want... So we walked over to Taka as she need to get a christmas pressie for her hubby... The one that she wanted to get was out of stock so we went to AX to take a look... After a while, she finally found the pressie for Eddie...

Thereafter, we walked to Wisma for more shopping & ended up @ BK near Wheellock Place for my super late lunchie... Catched up a little with Cynthia before we headed to the train station & bidded our ways... Alighted @ Potong Pasir as 老公 picked me up & went to IL's office...

Went over to Nadia's place @ night as to count down for Christmas after I tucked little prince to bed... Supposed to be @ her place before 12am but I only reached her place @ 12+am as my ILs came back late... Stephiey was already there & we started a round of mahjong after I had my cup noodles @ Nadia's place... Our 1st round of mahjong started around 1+am & ended up around 3+am... Cynthia + Eddie came after their bbq... They joined in after we finished our 1st round of mahjong... I took over Stephiey as she need to rush back home... Stephiey was the biggest winner of the night & I took over her after she left... I must say finally the lady luck is on my side... After the 2nd round of mahjong, I won $11 after having lost 4 out of 5 times... Or maybe I'm not fated to play mahjong? Lol... I think I'm not only addicted to falsies, but I'm also addicted to MAHJONG... =P

To Nadia + Tianfu, Stephiey & Cynthia + Eddie:
Thanks for the companionship & also the night of mahjong! Truly enjoyed myself! More mahjong sessions to come ok? =P

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today was a good weather to sleep! Woke up around 3+pm after reaching home @ 7+am this morning... Got myself & little prince ready to go over to 妈咪 & 爹地's place as every Sunday is our family day! It was drizzling when on the way there & got heaiver when reached... 爹地 came down to bring little prince up as it's raining...

Lazed around till like almost 6+pm before heading to Tampines Mall for our dinner... Brother joined us this time before heading for his work... We dined @ The Phin's & the food was pretty yummy... As brother used to work there some time back, the manager treated us soup & salads & drinks & only charges us the main dishes...

My dinner


Our side dish


爹地's & brother's dinner (2 sets)

妈咪's dinner

Brother went off for his work while we went walking around... Headed to Toys 'R' Us as 妈咪 wanted to see if there's any toys to get for little prince... But nothing caught 妈咪's eyes & also it was pretty crowded with people doing their last minute shopping for Christmas... Then headed to Isetan as I need to get some inner wears for myself.... Walked past this Soo Kee counter on level 1 & 妈咪 spotted a diamond pendant & she's getting it for me as my Christmas pressie! * So Happy * Went to have some drinks as well as fed little prince before heading home sweet home...


My christmas pressie from 妈咪

Christmas tree @ Tampines Mall

I was soooooooooooooooo HAPPY! Cuz now little prince knows how to say Mama... I thought I was hearing things but after 老公 told me that he ever heard before little prince saying that, then I was confirmed that little prince knows how to say that... That's his 1st word that he ever said... Hope little prince can pronounce more clearly & also can say Papa soon.... Anticipating that moment!

To 妈咪:

Thanks for the Christmas pressie!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Met up with Aiko + Clevant & Joel, Stephiey + Zenden for shopping in town... We supposed to meet @ 3pm but ended up all of us were late... I wanted to take a cab as I'm not driving & was kinda lazy to push the pram & walked to the MRT station... But as Aiko & Stephiey still NOT ready yet, then decided to save money on cabfare... Although the weather was kinda humid, but it's still quite windy... Luckily I left the house early as it started to rain when the train reaches Kembangan station & got even heavier when nearer to City Hall...

The rain kinda stopped when I reached Orchard... Aiko & Stephiey still not there yet when I reached Taka & they only arrived after almost 15 - 30 mins later... Then headed to McDonald's to have our late lunchie before we start our window shopping... As we didn't have much things in mind, we kinda walked aimlessly within Taka & went over to Shaw Centre as Aiko wanted to get a pair of shorts for Clevant... After shopping, we went over to Far East to have some mini bites before heading home... Clevant was enjoying himself jumping up & down when we sang the Elmo song to him... Can see that the kids were kinda wore out & Stephiey + Zenden went off 1st while I'm waiting for 老公 to pick me up... Aiko + Clevant & Joel left shortly too as they have other programs...

After making little prince sleep, dove over to Nadia's place for mahjong session... Jacqueline, Cynthia, TianFu's friend were already there & started playing when I reached about 11+pm 12+am... Ordered McDonald's for supper & played few games of mahjong sharing with Cynthia... Had a great time laughing & I totally enjoyed the mahjong session as well as the companionship... Stayed till around 7+am before heading home for my beauty sleep...

To Aiko, Stephiey & Joel:
Thanks for the shopping companion!
To Jacqueline, Cynthia, Nadia, Tianfu:
Thanks for the mahjong session & the companionship! I totally enjoyed myself & I had a great time with you peeps!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Met up with Aiko & Joel, Stephiey & Cynthia after work as Aiko need to get something from town... Aiko & Joel arrived 1st then followed by Cynthia & we proceeded to have our dinner 1st as while waiting for Stephiey to arrive & Cynthia need to rush back to fetch Brayden... Had a small chat over dinner with them & Cynthia left shortly after dinner... Then Aiko, Joel & me went to get more falsies as now Aiko's also into falsies... I finally found 2 pairs of volume falsies but I still not that contented... Was tempted to get the glittering falsies from Dodo Club but decided not to...

Stephiey arrived shortly & we went Paragon as Stephiey needed to have her dinner... After a long discussion on what to eat, we settled for Delifrance... Then we accompanied Joel back to his place to get his keys as we decided to go for a pubbing session @ Boat Quay... Joel's mum mistakened me as his another friend... We left Joel's place shortly as Joel's friend, Eddie picking us up to go together... Waited for almost an hour before Eddie arrived... Then off we went to one of their friend's pub for a pubbing session...

It's been a long long time since I last stepped into a pub... It was pretty fun & I had lotsa laughter... Took some pics in that pub & we left the pub around 2+ 3am... Took a cab home as I doesn't want to bother 老公 to pick me up...

*pics to be uploaded once Stephiey send to me.

To Aiko, Cynthia, Joel & Stephiey:
Thanks for the dinner companion! =)
To Aiko, Stephiey & Joel:
Thanks for the pubbing night! Had lotsa of fun & laughter!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today's Hari Raya Haji... Went to 五姨's place with 妈咪 & 爹地 & little prince... Supposed to reach there during lunch time, but 妈咪 only told me around 3+pm & only reached there 4+pm... Little prince had a great time exploring 五姨's place & he managed to climb up the flight of stairs all by himself... Was so proud of little prince & I'm glad that I never miss this part of his learning process...

Drove to Suntec City & bumped into my 大姨 + family & 妈咪 had a small chat with them before we proceed with our window shopping... Went straight to GAP as they're having 30% sale on infants & toddlers' apparels... 妈咪 bought 2 rompers for little prince for CNY 2008 & it only cost $40.60 after 30%...



妈咪 bought herself an diamond bracelet exactly like what she bought for me but slightly smaller... It cost $1398 for 妈咪's new bracelet... While I was in the shop with 妈咪, Angie saw little prince & gave me a call... It's been few months since Angie last seen little prince... Will have a catch up session with her soon...

Wanted to get more office wears but nothing caught my eyes... Had our dinner before we went home sweet home...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today met Charmaine again @ PS (this time!) for a lunchie shopping as I need to get certain things as today's not my day... Don't want to mention about it...

Time past very very slow & I almost fell alseep @ work... I simply LOVE the artwork that 老公 had done for me... It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo NICE! LOVE IT VERY VERY MUCH! I really MISS little prince VERY VERY MUCH @ work... 老公 did that for me as he knows I miss little prince VERY VERY VERY MUCH Although he still can't talk, but when I called back to ILs' office to check what he's doing, my fil will pass the phone to little prince & when I called out little prince's name, he will go "mmmm.... mmmm...." as if he's talking to me...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
老公' beautiful artwork

Supposed to stay home after work, but due to some circumstances, met up with Charmaine + Adel for dinner @ Sakae Sushi, Changi Airport... Hopefully things will turn out fine...

Can't wait for Christmas to arrive! So that little prince can open & destroy his pressies' wrapper... It's little prince's 1st christmas in his life! Hopefully he enjoy it even if he still don't know how to talk & walk...

To Charmaine:
Thanks for the dinner companion & the food! Thanks for shopping with me this afternoon during lunch too!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Today marks the 1st year anniversary of my blog! Although blogging had been around quite some time, I only started blogging last year when I'm preggie with my little prince... Time flew so fast... Now little prince's already 9+ months old... Very soon he'll be 1 year old, then have to start thinking on how to celebrate his 1st birthday... *start thinking now*

Had lunch appointment with Charmaine... That silly babe, told me we're gonna have Long John Silver for lunchie @ PS... So I walked all the way to PS & later found that it's the wrong LJS... Walked over to the one @ Old McDonald's house & got Charmaine to get the lunch while I'm on the way there... After our lunchie, Charmaine suggested to go This Fashion (next door) as she need to get some tops & pants... I didn't know that outlet was sooooooooooooo BIG! It's about 3 storeys high... I got a new place to shop during lunch & after work... Left shortly as I need to go back to work while Charmaine continued to shop for her clothes...

Met Aiko & Joel @ Bugis after work as I wanted to get more falsies as I wanna get back the same design as what I've been putting for the past week... It was raining while on the way to MRT station & after I met up with them, we went to search for my umbrella as my current gonna die on me soon... Went to the food court to have our dinner & went shop for my umbrella... Finally got an Espirit umbrella & Aiko's friend gave me a 40% discount... Then we proceeded to Bugis Village to search for falsies... Now even Aiko also into falsies & she also wants to get more... We practically covered the whole Bugis Village & couldn't find the one I want & we ended up get from another shop... Past by a Perfume shop & both Aiko & me got the same perfume, 'Very Irresistable by Givency' & both of us got a free gift from the boss... Went home shortly after I've developed little prince's photos as I missed little prince very much! Been going out these few days & not spending enough with little prince...


Finally got my loots from the falsies spree that I've ordered almost 1 month ago... Gonna try out soon! Will post pics of all the designs...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Finally my falsies loots ARRIVED!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Code #106

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Code #116

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Code #118

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Code #120
To Charmine:
Thanks for the lunchie companion! =)
To Aiko & Joel:
Thanks for dinner & shopping companion! =)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Today was the pre-X'mas steamboat celebration over @ Eunice's place... Dragged myself up @ 10.45am to get ready as we supposed to meet @ 12pm... Set off with little prince @ about 11.50am & reached Eunice's place around 12.15pm... The food was already all set up when I arrived & Darren + Ganden + Rinzen & Charmaine + Sam + Adel were already there... Charmaine went over to pick Catherine up as WY + Janine were sick & staying home...

We had lotsa fun catching up & taking photos... Even little prince enjoyed himself by helping himself with Reiko's toys... Rinzen was damn super duper adorable... She's soooooooooooo chubby & she looked soooooooooooo different from the 1st time I saw her till now... And I finally get to see Regan as I couldn't attend his baby shower due to my grandfather-in-law passed away...

The food was great & the companion was good too... Glad that we had this gathering after so long as most of us too busy to meet up for gatherings... Normally is only meeting up for lunchie (when I'm still a SAHM) or dinner or supper... Can we have more of these kind of get-together event? Maybe we should have one again before New Year? lol...

Left Eunice's place around 4+pm as I need to pick 妈咪 & 爹地 up for dinner with my aunties & granny @ Meng Xiang Restuarant... Was kinda worried that doesn't have any parking lots available if go late... So went straight to Amoy Street after picking them up... My auntie smsed me that the dinner was @ 6pm & we reached @ 5.40pm... Called my aunite & she said she smsed the wrong timing as it's supposed to be 6.30pm... So we went over to Far East Square to walk around till it's almost time for the dinner... Had a fabulous meal & little prince was being carried by almost all my aunties over the dinner & went home sweet home... Little prince kinda yang-o today... He only wants my 爹地 to carry & when he passed little prince to 妈咪 when getting in the car, he cried & no matter how 妈咪 coaxed him also no use... Only when 爹地 carried little prince to the front seat, then he finally stopped crying & started playing with 爹地... Naughty little prince... Forgot to bring little prince's X'mas pressies from Darren, Charmaine, Catherine & Eunice... Will take a pic of it tomorrow when I bring it up...

妈咪 got clothes for little prince... Thanks 妈咪!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ralph Lauren shorts

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ralph Lauren shorts

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Osh Kosh B'Gosh jumper

To Eunice:

Thanks for 'leanding' your place for the gathering! Thanks for it!

To Charmaine, Eunice, Catherine & Darren:

Thanks for the steamboat & the companion! It's been a long time since we had a gathering like this. Had a great time with you peeps & LET'S HAVE MORE OF THESE OK? =)Hopefully the kiddos like the pressies that I gave them.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Today I took leave as I need to go for my followup checkup @ Changi General Hospital for my hives... I was pretty late for my appointment but I didn't waited for very long till it's my turn... The doctor asked my those routine questions & he's glad that my condition had improved... He told me that I can slowly tailed off my medication from having it daily to alternate days then slowly to one week once... But still have to monitor my hives condition... He also mentioned that I can stop taking the morning pills & stick to the night one... I've already self-declared to stop taking the morning one long ago...

I've called Charmaine to ask her something & she asked if I want to meet her 2.30pm @ Forum to Ralph Lauren sales as she has a voucher that entitles a 40% off with any purchase (up to 10 pieces) & I've agreed as it's really a great catch... Wanted to bring little prince along but decided not to as he fell asleep after I fed him... Reached about 3+pm & went straight to look for Charmaine & Gwenda... Browsed thru' the whole boutique for some time & nothing caught my eyes... Charmaine got a few pieces that the designs quite nice but no more bigger sizes... But she was kind enough to 'loan' those few pieces to me as her son will only be out next May '08... =) I bought a exactly same design as what Charmaine got but in a bigger size & different colour... The usual was $67, after 40% discount, it's $40.20... Quite worth it right?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Little prince's new romper

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The romper that Charmaine's 'loan' me (cuz no bigger sizes)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The 2 piece set that Charmaine 'loan' me (cuz no more bigger sizes again)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Went for a short drink with Charmaine & Gwenda before heading Toys "R" Us to get X'mas pressies for 6 kids... I spent quite a long time choosing the gifts & stick within the budget that we've agreed... I think I spent almost close to an hour to hour & a half there... I've finally decided on those gifts & I also got a pressie for little prince too... I'm gonna have a early X'mas celebration with some of my friends on Sunday... WOOHOO~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The pressies for the kids, including little prince's one

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Little prince's 1st X'mas pressie from Mummy

Drove over to Plaza Singapura to meet up with Nadia + TianFu + Fay over @ Swensens & Cynthia + Brayden came shortly... We ordered some food while waiting for Stephiey to arrive... It's Fay's mini birthday celebration... Fay enjoyed herself & she's very cute when she dodged away from the candle smoke... Had a great time playing with Brayden too... He's damn adorable & he kept making the 'da da da' sound, which my little prince still can't do that... =( Waited quite a while for Stephiey to arrive as she's caught in a traffic jam... Cynthia + Brayden had to leave early & we took a few pics while waiting for her cab to arrive... Aiko & Joel came to join us and we went shopping after sending Cynthia + Brayden to the cab...

Me, Nadia + Tian Fu + Fay went off to Nadia's place for mahjong session while Stephiey, Aiko & Joel proceeded with their programs... My luck was not good & I lost about $25.... But I had a great time laughing over mahjong & Nadia's mum bought some food back for us as we're pretty famished... Played till about 3+am & then headed home with a satisfied stomach...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Our dinner
To Charmaine & Gwenda:
Thanks for the shopping companion @ Ralph Lauren. Charmaine, thanks for 'loaning' me your son's clothes. =P
To Nadia, Cynthia, Stephiey & Aiko:
Thanks for the companion @ Plaza Singapura. Had a great time with you dearies, even though it's a short evening! =)
To Nadia + Tian Fu:
Thanks for the mahjong session over @ your place. =)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Went for my eyebrows trimming appointment & also to collect my 2 pairs of pants from Iora, Wisma that I've sent for alterations after work... Stephiey called me while I was making my way to Dobby Ghaut MRT station & said to meet me @ Far East... So I went to collect my pants & met up with Stephiey... After a while, Aiko & Joel came to join us...

We went shopping around as I need to find a blue dress for my company's festive lunch & the theme is BLUE... Couldn't find anything nice till Joel saw 1 nice BLUE dress... Went to try it on & was havung 2nd thought of getting it... As that dress I think only when have occassions then can wear, I decided to think about it before I splurged impulsively... Went for my eyebrows trimming appointment while they continued to shop around...

Stephiey left shortly as she need to rush back home & went dinner with Aiko, Joel & one of their friend... We had Ramen Tei for dinner & I had their Tom Yam Chicken ramen & a drink that Joel & Aiko recommended...

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Yummy drink

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Aiko's dinner

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My dinner

Had a great time chatting with Aiko, Joel & their friend over dinner before we went separate ways...

To Stephiey, Aiko, Joel + 1 friend:
Thanks for the company this evening! Even though it's a short one, but I still enjoyed it! =)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Got this from Charmaine's blog. Quite true!

myspace comments


I mentioned yesterday that I'd received a paycheck from WidgetBucks & there's like some kind of mistake in the date... So I wrote an email to the management to verify my doubts... And guess what? They replied me today! I will bank in TOMORROW & see my bank a/c growing & I'm one step closer to get the bag I want!!

This is email that I'd sent them & their replies:


Thank you for the attachment and email. It actually made me laugh and as a person who has lived outside of the US, I should have thought about the fact that many countries go by Day/Month/Year vs. our Month/Day/Year.

Did your bank actually reject the check? Or was it simply something you noticed?


From: Agnes Chow [] Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 5:58 AMTo: Gary KamikawaSubject: Re: WidgetBucks Payment

HI there...

I've received the the cheque but it seems like it's dated 12th May 2007 (12/5/2007). I've enclosed an attachment to show you as prove. Please kindly rectify with me about it.

Thanks for your attention.


----- Original Message ----From: Gary Kamikawa To: Gary Kamikawa Sent: Thursday, December 6, 2007 8:54:40 AMSubject: WidgetBucks Payment

We just wanted to let you know that we mailed your WidgetBucks Octoberearnings check to you yesterday.

As a reminder, if you select the paypal option, you will receiveNovember earnings much quicker. To do this, please go to yourWidgetBucks account > "My Settings" tab and select the paypal option,you will receive your next WidgetBucks payment faster than by manualcheck. Especially for non-US accounts where we do not have a timelineon how quickly the check will be delivered. Paypal payments werereceived yesterday and today.

Best regards and thank you for supporting WidgetBucks,

The WidgetBucks Team


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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Happy 9 months 我的亲爱的宝贝!

He now knows how to:

~ clap his hands (even when I asked him to, but sometimes still have to depend on his mood)
~ can crawl damn super duper fast
~ able to move around more, or rather holding onto tables or sofas to move around the living room
~ knows how to kiss me on my lips when I asked him to
~ knows how to fakes cry when remove something from him if he's holding or playing with it, or if never give him
~ getting more & more impatient when too slow in feeding him porridge
~ keep screaming in the day, & even early hours in the morning like 5+am after his milk
~ knows how to pout (don't know learn from where)
~ reached out for things damn fast be it on the floor or table
~ one tooth on the upper gum popping up (can see the whitish part coming out)

that's about all that I can think of now...

Today little prince was my alarm clock... Even though I very much don't feel like waking up, but I still have to if not I'll be late... I wore my new heels that I bought from Heatwave to work... I thought to myself, "Don't think it will hurt my feet!" It's still ok when on the way to Dobby Ghaut, but it got abit worse when I realised blisters had been formed & both my feet really HURTS! I had to bear with the pain all the way till office then I took oof my heels... This is really called ai sui mai mia (in hokkien)... Luckily one of my colleagues was kind to lend me her extra heels that she placed in the office, if not I think I really have to waste money & buy another new pair of heels...

Now I think I'm used to having breakfast in the morning, cuz if I never eat, I'm sure very very hungry till lunch time... The time past by very very slow in the morning & I almost fell alseep... Had my lunch with my colleague & got to know each other better... I realised the time after lunchtime past by damn fast, when I buried myself in my work, the time was already 4.30pm & still have tons of things to do... Worked till like almost 6pm & 老公 came to pick me up to our dinner with my ILs @ Sakae Sushi... It's been quite awhile since I last had Sakae...

Lazed around ILs' office before going EastPoint for our Sakae dinner... Took some pics of lilttle prince as mil dressed him up in one of the baby leggings that I bought some time ago... This was the 1st time that little prince wore the leggings... Little prince looked super duper cute la, but hor, the colour combination abit sala lei... Me no comments as it's MIL who dressed him up... To me, he looked too stripy lor... =X

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Little prince looking innocently @ 老公

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Little prince & 老公

After that, we proceeded to Sakae Sushi... Luckily I made reservations earlier in the day, don't know why when we reached there, the place was kinda crowded & there's a queue... We had quite alot of plates, especially me... I think I had almost half the plates of what we ordered in total... Since now their red plates had reduced from $6.50 to $4.99, of cuz I ate @ least 3 red plates as my ILs don't really like raw food... Little prince had a great time there & he LOVE to help the staffs there to wipe the tables with his sleeves... Our total bill came up to $102 & I really had a very full & filling dinner...

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Our super duper yummilicious dinner

Received an mail from Mpire Corporation (WidgetBucks) & they sent me a cheque of $108.14... They sent me an email on the 6th December telling me that they mailed out my earnings to me on the 5th December... I didn't pay attention to that @ all cuz I don't really think that I can get paid by placing the ads in my blog... Only upon receiving it, I was damn HAPPY lor... I even showed it to 老公 the cheque... But, I not too sure if I can back in the cheque as the put the date as 12/5/2007, instead of 5/12/2007... Then my heart sank half after seeing that & I've sent an email to them & waiting for their reply... Hopefully it's their mistake & re-issue me a new cheque & best it's in SGD or even better USD... LOL... dream on AJ... =P * Anyone have the same problem as me? Received cheque but dated wrongly?

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My 1st cheque for blog ads!