Monday, December 17, 2007

Today marks the 1st year anniversary of my blog! Although blogging had been around quite some time, I only started blogging last year when I'm preggie with my little prince... Time flew so fast... Now little prince's already 9+ months old... Very soon he'll be 1 year old, then have to start thinking on how to celebrate his 1st birthday... *start thinking now*

Had lunch appointment with Charmaine... That silly babe, told me we're gonna have Long John Silver for lunchie @ PS... So I walked all the way to PS & later found that it's the wrong LJS... Walked over to the one @ Old McDonald's house & got Charmaine to get the lunch while I'm on the way there... After our lunchie, Charmaine suggested to go This Fashion (next door) as she need to get some tops & pants... I didn't know that outlet was sooooooooooooo BIG! It's about 3 storeys high... I got a new place to shop during lunch & after work... Left shortly as I need to go back to work while Charmaine continued to shop for her clothes...

Met Aiko & Joel @ Bugis after work as I wanted to get more falsies as I wanna get back the same design as what I've been putting for the past week... It was raining while on the way to MRT station & after I met up with them, we went to search for my umbrella as my current gonna die on me soon... Went to the food court to have our dinner & went shop for my umbrella... Finally got an Espirit umbrella & Aiko's friend gave me a 40% discount... Then we proceeded to Bugis Village to search for falsies... Now even Aiko also into falsies & she also wants to get more... We practically covered the whole Bugis Village & couldn't find the one I want & we ended up get from another shop... Past by a Perfume shop & both Aiko & me got the same perfume, 'Very Irresistable by Givency' & both of us got a free gift from the boss... Went home shortly after I've developed little prince's photos as I missed little prince very much! Been going out these few days & not spending enough with little prince...


Finally got my loots from the falsies spree that I've ordered almost 1 month ago... Gonna try out soon! Will post pics of all the designs...

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Finally my falsies loots ARRIVED!

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Code #106

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Code #116

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Code #118

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Code #120
To Charmine:
Thanks for the lunchie companion! =)
To Aiko & Joel:
Thanks for dinner & shopping companion! =)


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