Friday, December 7, 2007

Was woken up by little prince crying @ 6.15am... Wanted to sleep for a while more, but deicided not to... So I got up & get myself prepared while 老公 patted little prince back to sleep again... I left for work @ 7am as fil's not up yet... Reached Dobby Ghaut about 7.45am & I had McDonald's for breakfast again...

At least today I had something to do during work... But I'm lost when trying to find chinese caterers that can cater on the 1st day of CNY 2008 for my boss... Thought of engaging Tung Lok, but sad to say they don't cater for the 15 days of CNY... So have no choice but to source for others... While on the way for lunch, saw my ex-boyfriend & had a small talk with him... It's been many years since I last saw him & he's still the same... Then saw my cousin while having my meal @ the food court...

Helped the receptionist to cover her duties while she went for her lunch... It's my 1st time doing receptionist job... And after few hours of work, it's knock off time... As it's raining, 老公 came to pick me up & headed for dinner... One of my girlfriends smsed me to ask me to join her birthday celebration @ Zouk... I told her that I'll let her know later but in the end I didn't went as I'm really very very tired... I even fell alseep while I'm sitting on the sofa @ home with my makeup on... See just how tired I am since I started working...

Anyway, I'm so happy with little prince's achievement... He knows how to clap his hands & he kept doing it... 老公 said little prince started doing that on my 1st day of work... See, I missed some milestone of his... =(

Anyone can help me in recommending some caterers that can cater on the 1st day of CNY 2008, and also be able to provide porcelain wares & cutlery, some service people to help around the dinner event? THANKS IN ADVANCE!


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