Monday, December 3, 2007

Today was my 1st day of work!

Woke up about 6.30am to get prepared as I need to take a feeder bus to the MRT station... Played with little prince for a while before I get my butt out of the house for work @ 7+am... I was kinda sad when I said bye bye to little prince, he doesn't even want to look @ me & continue playing with his toys with mil... =(

Asked fil to send me to MRT station as I don't want to be late for work on my 1st day... The train was pretty crowded & I reached Dobby Ghaut before 8am... Had McDonald's for breakfast @ Plaza Singapura before heading to office... Reached about 8.15am & waited for my manager to show me to my desk before she start to brief me more on the company profile & introduced me to those departments... It's a freaking BIG company & I couldn't even remembered a single names of over 50+ staffs...

My 2 superiors treated me lunch & coffee... We had Sushi Don opposite our office... Thereafter, went to Starbucks to get latte as I'm still not used to working... Felt super duper tired as it's BEEN 2+ years since I last worked... Will get used to working life soon but @ the same time, I will MISS my little prince VERY VERY VERY MUCH... After lunch still nothing much to do & I can't even chat online... so sad can... Left office around 5.35pm & took a train down to Potong Pasir as 老公 picking me up as he knows that I MISSED little prince & can't wait to see him... So sweet of my 老公...

Tomorrow's another day for me & will STILL miss little prince VERY VERY VERY MUCH.... I will try to update as often as I can as I'm lacking my beauty sleep since I started work today...

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