Sunday, December 2, 2007

Today was Brayden & Jannon birthday celebrations... Left the house @ around 4.45pm as little prince still napping when about 4pm... Aiko reached Cynthia's place 1st while waiting for me & the rest to arrive... While on the way to Cynthia's place, there's a big traffic jam towards the Singapore Expo's direction... Reason being it's the last day of Sitemex & EVEN the carpark was FULL, many drivers STILL queueing to get in the carpark...

When I reached Cynthia's place, Stephiey also there... Went up shortly as Cynthia's gonna start the cutting cake session... The cake quite yummy & I gave little prince a tiny bit to taste... He seemed to like it very much & kept asking for more... Chatted with my dearies & we stayed most of our time in Cynthia's room... Then Nadia + Tianfu + Fay & Shirley + Jovan left for Shirley's place as her daddy sending them there to Jannon's birthday... Aiko, Stephiey, Josephine & me stayed on while waiting for Xiaoxue to come... Left Cynthia's place @ around 8+pm as I need to take passport photos for my work usage... After done with it, sent little prince home before going to Jannon's birthday @ East Coast...

Jess really slimmed down alot & Jannon left shortly after we reached... Nadia + Tianfu bbq food for us... Stayed there till like 11pm then headed home sweet home...

Those who attended Brayden's birthday:

1. Nadia + Tianfu + Fay
2. Shirley + Jovan
3. Stephiey
4. Aiko
5. Josephine
6. Xiaoxue + Skye
8. Me + little prince

Those who attended Jannon's birthday:

1. Nadia + Tianfu + Fay
2. Shirley + Jovan
3. Stephiey
4. Aiko
5. Me + little prince

To Cynthia + Eddie:
Thanks for inviting me & little prince to Brayden's 1st birthday celebration!
To Jess:

Thank for inviting me & little prince to Jannon's 1st birthday celebration!
To my ladies:
Thanks for the day & night! I really had a great time chatting up with you!

So excited! Gonna start work TOMORROW!!! YUPPIE!!!


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