Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas is just round the corner... In 16 days' time, christmas will be here... WOOHOO~~~

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My office X'mas tree

Today went to Fay's 2nd birthday... Actually can be there around 2+pm, but due to my falsies not cooperating with me, I only reached there around 3.15pm... I was soooooooooooooooooo pissed with the falsies la... duhz~ Didn't get to warm the seat enough & I have to leave around 4.15pm as rushing to my 妈咪's place... Stephiey & Nadia came down to fetch me & little prince as it's pouring while on the way there... But ended up, there's NO MORE RAIN... Had a small chat with Shirley & Stephiey while Nadia need to collect the birthday cake & also to fetch Cynthia + Eddie + Brayden from Tiong Bahru Plaza... I felt bad as I didn't wait for Nadia to come back & I left... So, didn't managed to take ANY pics with them... =(

Drove back to Tampines to fetch 妈咪 & 爹地 to Vivo City... Parked my car @ HarbourFront & started window shopping around... Went in Iora & saw few working tops that I like & went on to try... Tried on a few blouses & 2 dresses & 2 pairs of pants, in the end only getting 2 tops, 1 dress & 2 pairs of pants that needed to be altered... And I got the Iora's member card free with $200 purchase in a single receipt... If not, can accumulate till $300 to get the member card... I didn't want to buy $200 of stuffs @ one shot, but 妈咪 insisted to get the member card... So damage @ Iora was $223...

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爹地 was complaining to me that little prince's hungry, asked me to hurry up... So we went KFC for our dinner as well as feeding little prince... From the KFC, can see cable cars going up & down... 妈咪 showed little prince where's the cable cars & 他很专注的看... After that, we went shopping around & I spotted a pair of heels from Heatwave but I couldn't decide on the colour... Was thinking to get the beige one or black one, as recently I just bought a pair of black heels for work... Then 妈咪 made that decision for me as she's the one paying... *HAPPY HAPPY me* I also got another pair of white heels as I've been looking for one very long liao & none of those in the past caught my eyes... So damage @ Heatwave is almost $70...

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Then walked over to Vivio City to shop... Bought another top from Red2... Then walked to Toys 'R' Us as 爹地 wants to bring little prince in to see any toys to get for him as Christmas pressie... 妈咪 actually wanted to get one Activity Walker for little prince, but looking @ the price, it's kinda steep for that kind of walker... It cost about $100 for just that, although it's really nice & good la... Took a few pics of little prince sitting on some activity walkers...

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Walked into GAP to see anything to grab for little prince since they're having 30% sales for infants & toddlers... It's really a good catch but nothing I liked... Was thinking of getting the demin jacket for little prince, but it's not so practical cuz I bought 2 Fox jackets for him before & he hardly wear... So walked out of GAP after a while... Then we left for home since 妈咪's tired...

From HarbourFront carpark, saw the very nicely litted Christmas tree that's located outside the viewing area of Vivo City... But it's a pity that didn't bring little prince & my parents there to take more pics as it's raining... Will do that in weeks' time... Took a pic of the Christmas tree from the carpark...

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This is the lashes that I wore today... I like it as it's very volume... Wondering can I wear that to work as the falsies that I always put on died on me... =(

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This is some random pics that 老公 took during this week @ IL's office for little prince... 老公 actually wanted to capture a pic with little prince clapping his hands but failed... 老公 should take a video instead of taking pics...

Tomorrow's my 2nd week of work... Hopefully things go smoothly for me & I can find those caterers in time... 有没有好心人可以帮我?

To Nadia + Tainfu:

Thanks for inviting me to Fay's 2nd birthday celebration. Sorry that I've to leave so early & didn't managed to eat Fay's birthday cake. =(

To my ever dearest 妈咪:

Thanks for the things that you bought for me today! LOVE YOU TO THE MAX! 爱死你了!


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