Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today had a mini catch up over @ Darren's place with Charmaine + Sam + Adel... Supposed to be over @ his place between 12.30 - 1pm, but I only woke up @ 1.30pm (after having more than 16 hours of beauty sleep)... Quickly got up to get little prince & myself ready before the rain 'decided' to fall...

F1 up to Darren's place @ Sembawang as Charmaine + family already there & plus Sam waiting for me @ the carpark to pass me some parking coupons... Upon reaching, very very YUMMY food was awaiting for me to 'attack' them... And I saw MY FAVORITE food SAKAE Sushi! Darren really know ME best... LOL... Charmaine also bought some yummy food over & we had a great time catching up over food...

Glad that little prince was enjoying himself there by crawling here & there @ the living room... While the kids enjoying themselves, we adults also enjoying ourself catching up with one another... We hardly meet up as each of us are busy with our own life, but we already trying our best to meet up whenever we can... Catherine & Eunice supposed to join us today, but they're busy with their stuffs... But it's ok and even though we don't get to meet up frequently, we do still keep in contact... Think the most frequent people that I meet in this group is Charmaine + Sam + Adel... Well, we gonna meet up as and when we can, even though it's not a weekly thing... 好朋友不用太多, 有几个就够了... Cuz if too many, politics will be all over... So just a few is good enough!

To Darren, Charmaine + Sam:

Thanks for the lovely afternoon although it's a short one & just these few of us. I truly enjoyed your companionship! Anyway, it's the COMPANION THAT'S MOST IMPORTANT!

To Darren:
Thanks for the YUMMY Sakae Sushi & KFC! You really know me well that I LOVE SAKAE! =)
To Charmaine:
Thanks for the YUMMY Dim Sum too! Thanks babe!


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