Saturday, December 22, 2007

Met up with Aiko + Clevant & Joel, Stephiey + Zenden for shopping in town... We supposed to meet @ 3pm but ended up all of us were late... I wanted to take a cab as I'm not driving & was kinda lazy to push the pram & walked to the MRT station... But as Aiko & Stephiey still NOT ready yet, then decided to save money on cabfare... Although the weather was kinda humid, but it's still quite windy... Luckily I left the house early as it started to rain when the train reaches Kembangan station & got even heavier when nearer to City Hall...

The rain kinda stopped when I reached Orchard... Aiko & Stephiey still not there yet when I reached Taka & they only arrived after almost 15 - 30 mins later... Then headed to McDonald's to have our late lunchie before we start our window shopping... As we didn't have much things in mind, we kinda walked aimlessly within Taka & went over to Shaw Centre as Aiko wanted to get a pair of shorts for Clevant... After shopping, we went over to Far East to have some mini bites before heading home... Clevant was enjoying himself jumping up & down when we sang the Elmo song to him... Can see that the kids were kinda wore out & Stephiey + Zenden went off 1st while I'm waiting for 老公 to pick me up... Aiko + Clevant & Joel left shortly too as they have other programs...

After making little prince sleep, dove over to Nadia's place for mahjong session... Jacqueline, Cynthia, TianFu's friend were already there & started playing when I reached about 11+pm 12+am... Ordered McDonald's for supper & played few games of mahjong sharing with Cynthia... Had a great time laughing & I totally enjoyed the mahjong session as well as the companionship... Stayed till around 7+am before heading home for my beauty sleep...

To Aiko, Stephiey & Joel:
Thanks for the shopping companion!
To Jacqueline, Cynthia, Nadia, Tianfu:
Thanks for the mahjong session & the companionship! I totally enjoyed myself & I had a great time with you peeps!


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