Friday, December 21, 2007

Met up with Aiko & Joel, Stephiey & Cynthia after work as Aiko need to get something from town... Aiko & Joel arrived 1st then followed by Cynthia & we proceeded to have our dinner 1st as while waiting for Stephiey to arrive & Cynthia need to rush back to fetch Brayden... Had a small chat over dinner with them & Cynthia left shortly after dinner... Then Aiko, Joel & me went to get more falsies as now Aiko's also into falsies... I finally found 2 pairs of volume falsies but I still not that contented... Was tempted to get the glittering falsies from Dodo Club but decided not to...

Stephiey arrived shortly & we went Paragon as Stephiey needed to have her dinner... After a long discussion on what to eat, we settled for Delifrance... Then we accompanied Joel back to his place to get his keys as we decided to go for a pubbing session @ Boat Quay... Joel's mum mistakened me as his another friend... We left Joel's place shortly as Joel's friend, Eddie picking us up to go together... Waited for almost an hour before Eddie arrived... Then off we went to one of their friend's pub for a pubbing session...

It's been a long long time since I last stepped into a pub... It was pretty fun & I had lotsa laughter... Took some pics in that pub & we left the pub around 2+ 3am... Took a cab home as I doesn't want to bother 老公 to pick me up...

*pics to be uploaded once Stephiey send to me.

To Aiko, Cynthia, Joel & Stephiey:
Thanks for the dinner companion! =)
To Aiko, Stephiey & Joel:
Thanks for the pubbing night! Had lotsa of fun & laughter!


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