Friday, December 28, 2007

Actually I took this about 2 weeks ago... I'm so surprised that I've earned myself another $300++ in my widgetbucks account... I'm soooooo happy... If you peeps had been following my blog entry, I did mentioned that I've just gotten my 1st paycheck from WidgetBucks? I banked (actually Charmaine helped me to bank in la) in on the 11th Dec 2007 but till now the amount still NOT being reflected in my bank account... So I called up the bank few days ago to check & they said had to wait for @ least 21 days to clear foreign cheque... So I have no choice but to wait till mid January to see the money credited to my account... Anyway, any kind souls wanna help me in applying for PayPal? Please?

Finally! Got a pic of my happy & blissful 全家福! We never ever had the CHANCE to take a pic together... It's either pics of me & little prince, or 老公 & little prince, never ONCE 3 of us together... All thanks to William for making my wish came true... He took this pic for us on Christmas day (while I'm attending my bestie's ROM)...

Our happy & blissful family

This whole week been sleeping early after feeding little prince his last feed of the night... 老公 also slept early... That's explanined why I'm seldom online or even to update my blog... Think will be adapting to this kind of 'sleep early' thingy during weekdays...

To William:
Thanks for taking this nice pic for us!

To any kind souls out there:

Can help me on how to go thru' the procedure of PayPal? Thanks in advance!


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