Monday, December 24, 2007

Today was Christmas Eve & I'm working 1/2 day! 老公 sent me to MRT station today instead...
Met Cynthia after work as she also worked till 1pm as I wanted to get falsies from Cineleisure as their volume falsies stocks came in on Saturday... Reached our meeting point exactly @ 1pm but Cynthia was late due to some circumstances.... Crossed over to Cineleisure & headed straight to Dodo Club... Their so-called volume falsies was not what I want... So we walked over to Taka as she need to get a christmas pressie for her hubby... The one that she wanted to get was out of stock so we went to AX to take a look... After a while, she finally found the pressie for Eddie...

Thereafter, we walked to Wisma for more shopping & ended up @ BK near Wheellock Place for my super late lunchie... Catched up a little with Cynthia before we headed to the train station & bidded our ways... Alighted @ Potong Pasir as 老公 picked me up & went to IL's office...

Went over to Nadia's place @ night as to count down for Christmas after I tucked little prince to bed... Supposed to be @ her place before 12am but I only reached her place @ 12+am as my ILs came back late... Stephiey was already there & we started a round of mahjong after I had my cup noodles @ Nadia's place... Our 1st round of mahjong started around 1+am & ended up around 3+am... Cynthia + Eddie came after their bbq... They joined in after we finished our 1st round of mahjong... I took over Stephiey as she need to rush back home... Stephiey was the biggest winner of the night & I took over her after she left... I must say finally the lady luck is on my side... After the 2nd round of mahjong, I won $11 after having lost 4 out of 5 times... Or maybe I'm not fated to play mahjong? Lol... I think I'm not only addicted to falsies, but I'm also addicted to MAHJONG... =P

To Nadia + Tianfu, Stephiey & Cynthia + Eddie:
Thanks for the companionship & also the night of mahjong! Truly enjoyed myself! More mahjong sessions to come ok? =P


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