Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today was a good weather to sleep! Woke up around 3+pm after reaching home @ 7+am this morning... Got myself & little prince ready to go over to 妈咪 & 爹地's place as every Sunday is our family day! It was drizzling when on the way there & got heaiver when reached... 爹地 came down to bring little prince up as it's raining...

Lazed around till like almost 6+pm before heading to Tampines Mall for our dinner... Brother joined us this time before heading for his work... We dined @ The Phin's & the food was pretty yummy... As brother used to work there some time back, the manager treated us soup & salads & drinks & only charges us the main dishes...

My dinner


Our side dish


爹地's & brother's dinner (2 sets)

妈咪's dinner

Brother went off for his work while we went walking around... Headed to Toys 'R' Us as 妈咪 wanted to see if there's any toys to get for little prince... But nothing caught 妈咪's eyes & also it was pretty crowded with people doing their last minute shopping for Christmas... Then headed to Isetan as I need to get some inner wears for myself.... Walked past this Soo Kee counter on level 1 & 妈咪 spotted a diamond pendant & she's getting it for me as my Christmas pressie! * So Happy * Went to have some drinks as well as fed little prince before heading home sweet home...


My christmas pressie from 妈咪

Christmas tree @ Tampines Mall

I was soooooooooooooooo HAPPY! Cuz now little prince knows how to say Mama... I thought I was hearing things but after 老公 told me that he ever heard before little prince saying that, then I was confirmed that little prince knows how to say that... That's his 1st word that he ever said... Hope little prince can pronounce more clearly & also can say Papa soon.... Anticipating that moment!

To 妈咪:

Thanks for the Christmas pressie!


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