Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Today's Christmas Day! It's also my bestie's wedding! Woke up @ 2pm & quickly got myself prepared to attend her ROM ceremony @ Aranda Country Club... Saw quite a number of my very long friends & my bestie's TOOOOOOOO beautiful! I had a great time catching up with my friends as I seldom see them cuz most of us are pretty busy with our own life... Little prince also had his fair share of fun as he's being carried by most of the guests there & also got an 红包 from the groom... I'm really happy for her as she had once again found the love of her life & I believe & very sure of her current hubby will love & pamper her with his greatest love! I was soooooooooooooooooo ENVY when I saw her wedding pics, cuz for me I haven't even had my OWN wedding pics! I've hinted 老公 about 我的不满 & he only nodded his head & said we're gonna take soon! Buy he didn't say HOW SOON! DUHZ~

Anyway, went home after that whole event & it's time for little prince to unwrap his 1st Christmas pressies from me, Charmaine, Darren, Eunice & Catherine... Although it's only a few pressies that he got, but it doesn't matter as it's the thoughts that count!


Little prince's christmas pressies!


To Charmaine 姨姨, Eunice 姨姨, Catherine 姨姨 & Darrren 叔叔:
Thanks for the christmas pressies! I love them very much as it's my 1st christmas pressies!
From: Little prince, Kayden 伟文

I will be seeing Dr. John for slimming 1st before I take my wedding pics!


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