Tuesday, February 27, 2007

FINALLY I CAN POST NEW ENTRIES LIAO!!!! Been soooo fed up with blogger for the past few days!!!

Anyway, now I'm into my 36th weeks liao (ie: 9 months)... Meaning anytime now my Precious Kayden can come out le... Cuz every organs inside his little body has already matured liao... Anyway, hubby took some pics of me (actually I asked him to take one... lol) with lil' Kayden so comfortable inside my big tummy...

Today met Charmaine and little Adel for lunchie @ Sakae Sushi in town... Been soooooo long since I last had sushi... Ate 8 plates of sushi... Yum Yum!!! lol... Thereafter, met Angie & Evelyn for some catch up over coffee @ Taka Coffee Club... It's been a long time since we last met... Think almost coming to 1 year I never seen them... We yakked & gossiped about some of the staffs from our previous company... Haha... It's been so long since we last gossiped about that company, especially about 2 particular people...

Evelyn ordered Coffee Club's Mud Pie and it looked soooo tempting, but too sweet for me... (o.O ) As I was craving for MAHJONG eversince last month, I asked whether Angie & Evelyn interested to play or not... Evelyn was ok with the idea & we set on this coming Saturday to play over @ Angie's place...

YUPPIE!!!!! Finally I can play mahjong liao!!!! Haha!!!

Going for my checkup next week... Think the doctor will check on my cervix & see whether I've dilated or not... These few days had HARD time sleeping cuz whichever position I sleep, also sooooo uncomfortable & my tummy hardens very frequently... Hmm... Is this a sign of me going into labour soon??

I'm really super excited & can't wait to see my precious Kayden yet I'm scared of giving birth...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One of my forumies gave birth yesterday to a healthy baby boy @ Mt Alvernia... Her baby weighing 3.42kg... I'm so happy for her... At the same time, I'm a bit worried about mine... o.O

Went for my checkup today... Reached KKH @ 2pm for my final appointment with the nutritionist to check on my sugar level... The nutritionist checked my weight and I've gained 0.9kg (from 61.6kg to 62.5kg), during the past 2 weeks (blamed it on the CNY goodies, LOL!!!)... She said I'm still gained too little weight, she calculated that I've only gained 342g only... I'm supposed to gain at least 500g... But overall, she never really commented much on my case & she had discharged me, meaning I don't have to see them again... But still have to do my own sugar level monitoring till I deliver... (O.o)

Met Charmaine after my appointment to Mt Alvernia to visit Elaine aka Bell, my forumies... When we reached the ward, baby Shane was also in the ward... He was sleeping sooo soundly that he didn't even noticed that we're there... lol... I'm also surprised that Elaine can walk around the ward even after her delivery... I asked her about her labour & she was telling that giving birth was not that painful @ all... Even when the doctor burst her waterbag, she said she didn't even feel anything & the best part was, she's in labour for 9+hrs and gave by via natural birth without epidural... WOW!!! I really had to salute her... How I wish for my coming delivery, I can also give birth naturally without epidural... *keeping my fingers cross* Stayed there for about an hour & headed back to KKH for my 4.20pm routine checkup...

Met hubby @ KKH & the doctor never really comment much... She only asked do I have any signs of labour, ie: contractions, spotting...She also let me hear Kayden's heartbeat & checked on Kayden's position... She said Kayden's head in facing down... =) She gave me an appointment 2 weeks later, which is my 37th week... I wanted to ask her when I go for my scanning, but she's like rushing off cuz mine was the last appointment of the day... In the end I never ask... =( I really missed seeing Kayden... Hopefully my appointment 2 weeks later the doctor will arrange a scanning for me to see Kayden...

Baby Kayden, be good ok... Mummy will see you soon in another 5 weeks time... =)

I'm craving for MAHJONG!!!!! Till now I never play mahjong... Cuz no kakis... SO ANY KIND SOULS WANNA HELP ME???

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yuppie!! Today is the 1st day of Chinese New Year!!! Today is ALSO my 1st year giving out ang pows, cuz I'm pregnant ma so have to give those children lor... Haiz...

Woke up today @ 12.30pm... *damn late right* Then woke hubby up as it's time for CNY visitings liao... And as usual every year, the 1st stop is to my Ah Mah's house, 2nd stop to my grandfather-in-law's house and final stop to my grandma-in-law's house...

Reached my Ah Mah's place around 2.15pm... Me & hubby had our 1st meal there & I simply LOVED my Ah Mah's curry chicken & 'lu dan'... That's the 2 dishes that I always looked forward to ever since I'm young... Yum Yum!!! Then after that, I watched my mummy playing mahjong & I was soooo tempted to play, but no kakis... =( Even if play with my cousins, also only play for fun... No money involved... So if play also not shiok... =( My 5th Ah Yi suggested to play Blackjack & I joined in... Only played less that 20 rounds & I only win $2... *waste of time* I was surprised that I still get ang pows from my Ah Yis, even though I'm pregnant & I'm already giving out ang pows liao... Haha!! Even my hubby also have... Lol!!!

Left my Ah mah's house @ 3.30pm & headed down to our 2nd stop, which is my grandfather-in-law's place... When we reached there, most of the relatives left already... But I've already gave the children their ang pows yesterday during the reunion dinner... And we still got ang pows again from my hubby's uncles & aunties... Haha... Stayed there around an hour & headed towards our 3rd & final stop, my grandma-in-law's place...

Actually after the 1st & 2nd stops, me & hubby very tired liao... But no matter how tired, we still have to go... So we reached there around 5.15pm... We got ang pows again from the relatives... Lol!!! I was telling hubby that I thought we won't be getting any ang pows this year, but I also told him that even though we got some ang pows this year, also can't cover the ang pows that we given out... =( But anyway, I'm still very HAPPY cuz we still got ang pows this year & this year also our last year getting ang pows liao... Next Year will be my Kayden getting the ang pows from all the relatives... =)

Finally all our CNY visitings done liao... Reached home around 7+pm & hubby is soooo tired that he sleep already... That shows my hubby is really really tired... =P

Friday, February 16, 2007

So fast the footsteps of Chinese New Year is getting nearer & nearer... Actually is the day after tomorrow...

One of my girlfriend just gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Titus Ting yesterday... Guess her baby Titus can't wait till CNY... Lol!! I'm so happy for her... And I'm starting to worry about mine... Haiz... *nervous yet scared* Today one of my forumies also going to give birth any time from now... She's already 3cm dilated... Hopefully her baby will be good boy & come out next week...

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve and will be a very busy day for me & my hubby... We have 2 reunion dinners to attend... One is @ my mummy's place & the other one is @ my grandfather-in-law's house... That's our usual practice during CNY...

This year's CNY is slightly different for me & hubby from the past years cuz we're celebrating with our lil' new member, Kayden (in my tummy)... Keke... The reunion dinner @ my mummy's place will start around 4+pm tomorrow as my brother need to work after that... My mummy normally whip up some delicious dishes, every year is different... Then thereafter, me & hubby will head down to grandfather-in-law's place & the reunion dinner start @ 7pm, so there's a 2 hour's interval for my food to digest... It will be a sinful day for me again... =(

After dinner, we will head down to the temple that my mil frequent to 'bu yun'... That's also our usual practice every year without fail... But tomorrow will sure be crowded @ the temple & hopefully no one will knock onto me... I told hubby that I wanna go Chinatown tomorrow to have a feel of the CNY atmosphere there as I never been there during CNY... My hubby say, "Now how to go with you big tummy?? Tomorrow sure crowded one... Later people knock onto your tummy how??" Haiz... Guess tomorrow not going Chinatown @ night liao... I know that he is concern about me & my tummy but I really wanna go ma... =(

Anyway, Kayden will have the chance to eat all nice nice dishes prepared by my mummy & my in-laws... =)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I had to cut down on my junk food intake liao... For the past week, I've been having Mac, Burger King for dinner 3 times for super late dinner... And I just had Mac for late dinner 1/2 hour ago... OMG!!!!

As you should know, I had to control my diet & weight gain since last 2 months after the doctor said I got slight GD... For the past 1 month, I'd been a very good girl, ie: following the strict diet meal... That's why I never gain weight @ all... I even lost weight...

But now, at the rate that I'm eating, think I will get scolding by my nutritionist next week... Oops... I MUST cut down on the junk food liao... Can someone help me on that???

Hopefully I don't gain any weight when I go for my checkup next week *keeping my fingers crossed* (x_x)
Today is Valentine's Day!!!

For me & my hubby, we don't really celebrate V-day cuz no matter where you go, the prices for a nice dinner always very expensive... And now with my big tummy, also not so convenient...

Anyway, every day can be Valentine's day for me & my hubby... And lucky my hubby never buy flowers... Cuz the prices that you pay for the flowers are way too expensive le... So me & my hubby is 'celebrating' V-day @ home with my lil' Kayden...

Anyway, wishing all my friends and those who view my blog

valentine Glitter Graphics From GlitterYourWay.com

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Today me & hubby went to my Ah Ma's 82 years old birthday lunch... The buffet that my Ah Yi ordered were simply delicious... forgot to take pics of the food & ask my Ah Yi which caterer she ordered from...

My Ah Ma's condition is getting better & better... When I saw her last year in Nov, she's still very restless & don't really have energy to even look at us or the surroundings... But when I saw her today, her face was radiant and when you looked @ her, she will still smile @ you... I'm just glad that her condition is getting better & better... Even my Ah Yi, who's been staying with my Ah Ma all this while, was also happy about her condition...

Anyway, most of my Ah Yi said that I looked radiant when I'm pregnant & they are surprised that I'm gonna give birth next month... Reason being I only see them once or in a year, that is during my Ah Ma's birthdays & the coming Chinese New Year...

But this year CNY, I'm in dilemma cuz I'm don't know whether I should start to give ang pows or not... The senerio is like this... My hubby & I ROM in year 2003 and we didn't have our traditional customary as we wanted to save $$$ for the wedding banquet... So we dragged & dragged the idea till early last year 2006... Although we haven't got anything started yet, we already agreed on having our customary early 2007... But when I got to know that I'm pregnant with Kayden in August 2006, our whole plan had to put on hold... Haiz... So now, I don't know whether should I or should I not give ang pows this year, although I enjoyed taking ang pows all this while la...

So when I consulted my mummy on this, she was suggesting that maybe I just give to those children that are under 7 years old as a token... So, what should I do?? Hmm... Can someone help me on this??

Anyway, think Kayden helped my mummy won $$$ on mahjong... wahkakaka... I was standing next to my mummy in the mahjong room, and most of the time my mummy had very nice tiles on hand... I was sooooooo tempted to play mahjong, but I don't dare to play with my Ah Yis (cuz they are old bird on mahjong tables)... So all I can do was just standing next to my mummy & see them play... =(

I wanna play MAHJONG!!!!! Anyone wanna help me?????

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Today woke up @ 12.30pm & getting myself prepared for my checkup later @ 2pm... Left the house with hubby @ 1.30pm and headed down to KK...

Went straight for my appointment with the nutritionist... I was so afraid of taking my weight cuz I know I've put on alot of weight eversince my pregnancy... So when she ask me to step onto the weighing scale, she was kinda surprised that I've lost 100g in 2 weeks... My weight 2 weeks ago was @ 61.9kg & today my weight was 61.6kg... Hmm... I was very happy la cuz I know I didn't put on any weight even though few times I had fast food for dinner without my hubby's knowledge... LOL!!! Anyway, my nutritionist said she will be seeing me 2 weeks later for the last time & I don't have to go back & see her again... =)

After that, went for my routine checkup @ Clinic C... After I self-registered myself @ the counter, went for the usual routine test... The doctor who attended to me today let me hear Kayden's heartbeat... He also commented that my sugar level is very good and under control... But he didn't commented much on my weight though... I'm into my 33 weeks & 2 days now, according to the doctor... So he wanted to give me my next appointment 4 weeks later which is my 37 weeek... Then I was like telling the doctor, "Huh? I thought now my appointment should be every 2 weeks and once every week after 36 weeks?? Cuz that's what the doctor told me on my last appointment 2 weeks ago..." Then the doctor was like, "Oh... So they start giving you every 2 weeks appointment till 36 weeks then once every week ar... Then if that's the case, ok lor... Your appointment will be 2 weeks later lor..." I'm thinking who's the doctor, me or that blur like sotong doctor? I even told my hubby about this & he also agreed that the doctor very blur... But I'm wondering how come the doctor never arrange for scanning ar? I miss seeing Kayden... =(

Anyway, after my appiontment, we headed down to Toa Payoh HDB Hub to have our lunch & to Kiddy Palace to get the remaining stuffs for Kayden... This trip to Kiddy Palace cost me $150+... Haiz... But even spending lotsa $$ on our precious Kayden's stuffs, I would think it's still worth it... Can't wait to see Kayden soon...

Hmm... I think Kayden really likes to be on my right side, cuz I always feel my right side hardens often and sometimes I can feel his tiny back... =) So since Kayden have been a good boy all this while, Mummy shall reward you with McSpicy burger later...

Saturday, February 3, 2007

~*~ GaTheRing @ JeNNiFer aKa AuGbOyz's HoUsE ~*~

Today there's a gathering @ one of my forumies's place... This gathering also being organised by the Charmaine, who had organised the previous gathering @ Sakae Sushi last month...

Reached Jennifer's place @ 1.45pm, after having searching her place for almost 15 mins... Charmaine ordered Hi-Tea from Neo Garden for 20 pax and the food simply delicious... The following is the menu:

  1. Mini chocolate eclair
  2. Mini Egg Tarts
  3. Crystal Bun
  4. Mini Soon Kueh
  5. Spring Roll
  6. Sotong You Tiao
  7. Chicken Fillet
  8. Chicken Siew Mai

And the following is the food that some mummies prepared:

  1. Fruit salad by Wendy aka clhw30
  2. Spaghetti aglio olio by Elaine aka Bell
  3. Fried bee hoon & fried crispy chicken & Pigs Stomach soup by Jennifer's hubby
  4. Honeydew sago by Charmaine
  5. Cocktail sausage by Ringocat

I'm happy to know more mummies and the following are those that I met them for the 1st time:

  1. Elaine aka bell
  2. Eunice
  3. Jennifer aka AugBoyz
  4. Diana aka dkycteo
  5. Lois
  6. Adeline aka Kayton Mummy
  7. Jennymak
  8. Xiaoxue
  9. Jacqueline aka Vodkager

I'd to admit that everyone had a great time as well as the kids... The kids were playing with bubbles... As for the mummies, they were busy taking care of their kids that no one's free to play mahjong... =(

As for me, I also had a great time playing with their kids and I stayed there till 6+pm with Charmaine & Katherine...

Well, I hope that there will be more gatherings coming up & hopefully after I deliver & my confinement...