Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Went shopping with Aiko & Joel after work as I still need to get few more CNY clothes for myself as I only got 1 tube dress so far & also to have my brows trimmed…

Left office on the dot & rushed down to Far East Plaza for my brows to be trimmed as mine was a last min decision & the person was fully booked… So she asked me to drop by & try my luck & I was lucky that her next appointment not here yet, so meaning I got to trim my brows… =) Had a great time chatting with her on our updates of our kids… Aiko came to the shop & waited for me before I start my hunt on clothes while waiting for Joel to join us after his work…

Managed to get 1 dress, 1 white top (for work), a $5 black belt & a pair of black heels… Pretty satisfied with my shopping loots, but still not enough for me… =D

Headed to Wisma for our dinner & wanted to go over to LV as Aiko & I wanted to check out the prices of the bags we like… But by the time we’re done with our dinner, it’s almost 9pm so we shopped around Wisma before taking train home…

To Aiko & Joel:

Thanks for the shopping companionship!! See ya on Monday for another round of shopping with Stephiey!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

WOO~ We’re gonna have a brand new car!!! Cuz the current one has been giving us some problems lately & 老公 said it’s TIME to change…

We’re in dilemma of which car to get, Honda Stream Or Honda Crossroad LX? It’s time for us to change to a 7-seater family car as we’re planning to have our #2 so that little prince will a silbling & most Sundays I’m always out with my parents & sometimes my brother tagged along & it’s pretty squeezy…

老公 brought me over to AML @ Eunos to look @ the car models… Still in the deciding stage as we need to see how much his friend can offer…

I would love to own a Stream as I like the shape of it, but老公 prefer the Crossroad LX more… So I shall let my老公 decide…

Can’t wait for our new car to arrive!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Didn’t go over to 妈咪’s place as妈咪 & 爹地 have to 大扫除 as CNY is just round the corner!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today is my 1st time going JB with Charmaine + Sam + Adel & Catherine + WY + Janine… Supposed to meet Charmaine over @ Bugis @ 9.30am but I was late as my dear 老公 wants little prince to be fed before leaving the house as he doesn’t want little prince to go hungry… 老公 sent me over as I’m running late & left as he’s not going with us…

Our journey started once Charmaine’s back with her breakkie & Adel’s sliced apple from McDonald’s… It’s a pretty smooth journey on the way to Woodlands Custom & little prince fell asleep till we reached the custom… It was being telecast in the news that Malaysia’s trying out a trial of entering her country without having to fill in the white cards… But we still filled up the cards anyway & when we reached Malaysia’s custom, the custom officer didn’t mentioned anything about the white cards & I saw a notice next to their counters that no need to fill in the cards effective on …… (date I forgotten liao)… Hmm, hopefully they really abolished this rule as it’s quite a hassle to have the cards fill up before we could enter…

Went straight to Terbrau City after meeting up with Catherine… The carpark was pretty emptied as to compare with those days that Charmaine & Catherine went… That’s my 1st time to the mall & it’s something similar to Takashimaya, it’s pretty big… Headed for our lunch @ 1 of the restaurants that Charmaine & Catherine suggested… The food was ok & proceeded with our main purpose of going there… Charmaine & Catherine looking for CNY goodies & I had nothing much in mind, just wanna window-shop around for CNY clothes but in vain… Nothing much caught my attention & we decided to proceed to Jusco Hypermart as Charmaine & Catherine wanna stock up their kids’ FM… Thought of getting the FM for little prince, but after conversion, it’s about the same as in Singapore & I only got the diapers for little prince as my stocks also running low… The Mamy Poko & Huggies Dry’s prices was about the same here & the 2 preggie women persuaded me that Drypers pretty good & cost effective & since they’re having promo on Drypers, I got the last 3 XL packets left on the rack.

Headed back to Singapore after we’re done & Sam Chia sent us home…

To Charmaine + family & Catherine + family:

Thanks for the companionship! Can we have more of these?? Can’t wait till our BKK trip!!!

To Charmaine & Sam Chia:

Thanks for the ride to M’sia & the ride home! =)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Finally our falsies arrived! I’ve arranged to have it posted via registered mail as this time round, it’s a very bulky order as in total we ordered in total of 7 boxes of falsies & 2 eyelash glue…

This is my 2nd time spree-ing with the organizer & I’m pretty happy with her attitude as a organizer… She’s prompt with updates & the loots that she mailed out always in good condition (without any tears on the envelope or the loots)… And I’ve just done spree-ing with her for the 3rd time…

To me, if that person’s a good organizer who always keep the spree-ers updated on the status of the spree, I will spree with that person again…

Will stock up my falsies soon…

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brought little prince to 妈咪’s place damn early today, compared to my previous timing… And we decided to do something different today as previous Sundays always shopping trip till I’d ran out of places to shop…

Drove down to 阿嬷’s house as it’s been quite a while since we lasted visited her… Little prince as usual fell asleep in the car on the way there… My 4th uncle + family were already there for quite a while when we reached… And as usual, little prince cried for a while when my aunt attempted to carry him, think that’s because he need a little time to warm up…

After he warmed up, he went over to his Uncle Joshua’s (my cousin) side to sort of ‘disturb’ him as my cousin was lying on the mattress reading his favorite Star Wars book… Joshua made a loud ‘scream’ because little prince pinched Joshua’s nipple… 哈哈, the rest of us were laughing out loud when Joshua told us what happened… Naughty little prince…

Anyway, 六姨 came back from her shopping trip with 大姨 & 五姨 @ Hougang Mall & she bought 辣椒螃蟹 back for our dinner… She even cooked more yummy dishes for us & all of us had a very delicious dinner… Little prince was napping when we’re having our dinner & 妈咪 went to wake him up as六姨 had to proceed back to Hougang Mall to help大姨 collect her diamond bracelet… Then headed down to大姨’s house @ Clementi to pass to her & also to let little prince played awhile with my cousin’s kids before sending 六姨 back home… Will have this kind of programme more often, rather than shopping every Sunday…

To 六姨:

Thanks for the wonderful dinner & the辣椒螃蟹 as the main dish!
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well, supposed to go for my complimentary back massage today with True Spa with Catherine but ended up Catherine couldn't make it as she need to look after her little princess Janine & me? hmm... SLEEPING of cuz! haha... Didn't even bother to wake up even when I heard my alarm @ 12pm... I slept till like 5.30pm and 老公 also the same... Hmm, me & 老公 are well-known '猪' in the family... =P

Forgot to bring back my mobile charger from office & couldn't charge my mobile... Was thinking of getting a spare one to put @ home so I don't have to bring the charger to & fro to office... Was texting Stephiey that I had a dream that I'm looking for the charger & when I finally found it, it cost a bloody of $160! just for a charger... Then she replied I must be crazy! LOL... Then I remembered that Michelle stayed near my place & she also got the same mobile phone, so decided to give it a try asking if she can lend it to me... I thought she might not be able to lend me as she might need to charge hers too & we're also not close... To my surprise, she's ok lending me the charger & can get from her any time... So after I woke 老公 up, got prepared quickly as we need to pick little prince from my ILs office & also to collect the charger from Michelle...

And supposed to go out with 老公 friends tonight but I think it's cancelled... Cuz till now 老公's mobile doesn't ring & so do mine... Hmm... I'm still anticipating about the night out eversince after Wilson's wedding till now... =( Nevermind, still have lots of chances to go out with that bunch of fun people... So gonna rot @ home & watch my HK drama on youtube... =(

To Michelle:
Thanks for your mobile charger! Will returning it to you tomorrow! You've saved my day! Thanks pretty babe! =)
WOO~ Can't wait for tonight's outing with 老公 & his friends!

Going for my complimentary back massage with Catherine (she's doing eye treatment) @ True Spa @ Ngee Ann City! Will be back with the reviews! =)

Friday, January 18, 2008

I finally banked in my 2nd payout from WidgetBucks! Can't wait for the money to be credited to my bank a/c & I'm almost reaching my goal!! Yeah!!! I'm just few steps away from my GOAL! * HAPPY HAPPY ME *

And today I just found out another thing that make me SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!! When I told 老公 about it, he almost dropped his jaws & stared @ me with his big eyes... He totally can't believe it when I disclosed it to him... LOL! Only 老公 & a few friends knew about my happiness!!! I TRUST THEM AS I KNOW THEY WON'T mention a single word about it, and that's for sure!!

Anyway, these few days I've been sleeping early but also @ the same time almost late for work... And it's soooooooooooooooooooo sweet of 老公! I didn't even asked him 死死 (diedie) must send me to work, BUT HE DID IT ON HIS OWN INITIATIVE as he knows recently I not having a good night rest... I'm soooooooooooooo glad & feel blissful to have a 老公 like him!! 我真的很幸运能做他的老婆!!! 可能是他前世欠我的, 所以今世他来还债... lol...

Another thing that I'm proud of myself is that I used to spend more than I earned & always ended up only left few hundred bucks for the rest of the month... Or even somtimes spent more than I earned... But now, I no longer do that as 今日不同往日了... Now we have little prince, so every single amount before I splurged on myself, have to put him in priority 1st... Thus, resulting that till now , not even half of my salary gone... Only maybe 1/3 of my salary being used up for my bills, my transport & my breakie & lunchie during work... I really couldn't believe myself in doing that & can see that 老公 is super duper happy that I will spend my money wisely now... And by 2 months later, I'll be able to save most of my salary for little prince's future educational usage & also save for rainy days...


To 老公 SAM LOO & 宝贝小王子 Kayden Loo:

I'm really glad that I've found you almost 10 years ago! 我也很高兴能够嫁给你! 这是我一生中最幸福的事!

And also our precious little prince, Kayden Loo! Mummy LOVE 宝贝 LOTS!!!

Mummy LOVE 老公 & Kayden LOTS LOTS! 永远爱你和我们的宝贝小王子!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today is 老公's 10 over years buddy's 大喜之日! Me & 老公 had been waiting to 喝他的喜酒 for years liao... And FINALLY! He's holding his wedding TODAY!!! 真的是等到我们的脖子都长了... LOL!

Anyway, decided to drive to work as partly I'm almost late for work and also partly it will be damn rush for me to go home after work as 老公 said we HAVE to be EARLY as restuarant WILL start on the DOT! duhz~ Reached office damn early & managed to escape the morning ERPs in CBD area as it started @ 8am... Time seems to flew by very fast as if it know that I have to rush back home to change for the dinner...

I was thinking maybe the parking charges in my office building will not be that expensive as I did the claims before for my manager... But I was TOTALLY wrong! It cost me $21.40 for whole day parking from 8am till 5.30pm! Totally regretted of driving to work... If not, I can save that money for my 2 weeks lunchie... When I reached home, I was surprised that little prince was @ home instead of going over my ILs' office... But nevermind, I'm still happy to see & play with little prince awhile before we headed down to the Singapore Expo for his friend's wedding... ILs came back around 6.45pm & both me & 老公 got ourselves ready & left home @ 7.15pm, as 老公 took for granted as the distance was pretty near (merely a 10 mins drive) & only reached there around 7.35pm... Sometimes 老公 never take the time to park the car & walked to the restuarant into consideration... 有时候真的是受不了他...

老公 saw a few of his longtime friends & we had a chat with them for almost coming 1 hour standing around the reception area... The dinner only start around 8.45pm & I was soooooooooooooo famished by then... Saw the bridal pics that his friend, Wilson & Elaine, took & it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! I was hinting to 老公 that 几时才到我们去拍婚纱照!!! 因为我要穿结婚礼服, 那是人生中只穿一次的!!! 我已经等了四年了!!! He only said after little prince's birthday in March 2008 then go for the shooting... =(

We had an enjoyable night with all his fun-loving friends... We stayed till the end as we have no restrictions as we didn't bring little prince along... Initially I was thinking of bringing him to the dinner, but after 2nd thoughts, decided not to bring as we had to go back early as little prince sleeps around 9+pm... 老公 drank quite abit & his face was damn red after 1 glass of beer, reason being he had stopped drinking for almost for 4 years... Anyway, it's a day that's worth celebrating so I'm fine that he drinks as I can be the driver when heading home... One of their friends, Jason, was damn 啰嗦 after he drank damn alot... The 新婚夫妇 & the rest of us wanted to go home as most of us got to work tomorrow, but that Jason doesn't want to give in & carry on with his drunken speech which none of us could understand... Lol... 只有新娘子有办法推他上车, cuz he's afraid of Elaine... LOL... The bridegroom suggested that this coming Saturday night, come out to have a drink and finally we all can go home sweet home...


CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR WEDDING! Me & Sam totally enjoyed the dinner! See ya on Saturday! 新婚快乐! 要努力做人哦, 快快生个小baby, 那我的宝贝就有玩伴了! 嘻嘻!

* Anyone can recommend me good & not that expensive bridal shops? TIA~ 谢谢

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wanted to bring little prince to 妈咪 & 爹地 house earlier, but due to the pair of uncooperative falsies, I ended up leaving home only 4+ 5pm… Little prince is getting too active now, kept crawling here & there non-stop till he sweat quite a lot… Mil bathe him before we left the house… Reached妈咪’s place @ 5.15pm & when I’m about to prepare little prince’s milk, realized that I forgot to bring his bottle out.. * blur Mummy * Called mil to bring it down for me while I drove back home to take from her…

When I’m back with his bottle, 妈咪 feeding him his favorite chicken flavor Baby Bites… Fed little prince while I watched my favorite HK drama series while waiting for爹地 to return home for work… It’s raining cats & dogs for @ least 1 – 2 hours & finally爹地’s back as all of us were famished while waiting for him…

Drove to Century Square to have our dinner & little prince fell asleep while on our way there… Had dinner @ the foodcourt before brother left for work… Wow! I didn’t realised that Kiddy Palace had expanded so big & they had a variety of toys & lotsa baby & toddlers girls’ clothes… Was telling妈咪 that if I have a baby girl, my expenses will sure be damn HIGH! lol…
妈咪 wanted to get some toys for little prince & wanted to get Barney’s stuffs but I showed her another toy from Fisher Price & little prince loved it a lot… And I found out one thing, little prince was afraid of Elmo hand puppet… I tried to amused him by saying ‘Hello’ using the Elmo puppet to him… His 1st reaction was to push it away from his face & started to cry… lol… so cute lor… So next time cannot buy Elmo toys for him… After getting the Fisher Price toy for little prince, we went BHG to see any CNY clothes for妈咪 & 爹地 but they couldn’t find any suitable ones… I also couldn’t find any nice clothes for myself & 妈咪 decided to go home… So sent them back home 1st before I headed home…

Saturday, January 12, 2008

WOOHOO~ I've received my 2nd payment from WidgetBucks! this time round with additional of $300+... YEAH! Gonna bank in soon!

Supposed to go for the complimentary Full Bio Body slimming treatment + Fat Burning Therapy from Bio Focus @ 2pm but ended up staying home… Anyway, I was also ½ hearted whether to go or not… hmm…

Today having a dinner gathering (actually celebrating XX’s belated birthday) with the ladies as we’re celebrating Xiaoxue’s birthday (although it’s belated) @ Manhattan Fish Market located inside Plaza Singapura… I was hesitating on whether to bring little prince along to the dinner gathering as it started raining quite heavily… Then Stephiey called me as she’s around east area & asked if I want to meet her to go together… Gave her my residential addy & meeting her @ 5.30pm while I quickly go prepared myself... 老公 was so nice to take care of little prince while I slept for almost 4pm then woke up… But poor老公 didn’t sleep well & only slept around 7 – 8+am & he was awaken by little prince’s crying around 11+am… So he only slept for less than 4 hours… He went back to sleep when I woke up & placed little prince in his cot… Fed little prince before meeting Stephiey & I decided not to bring little prince along & managed to get my mil to take care of him…

Drove to mil’s office & little prince was so happy to see her… When I said ‘bye bye’ to little prince, he smiled @ me… =) Then headed down to Plaza Singapura to meet up with the rest… The rest of them were already seated & Stephiey & I were the last one to arrive…

Those who attended:

1. Cynthia + Eddie
2. Aiko & Joel
3. Xiaoxue + Skye
4. Shirley
5. Jacqueline + Jabez
6. Shelley + Jexus
7. Stephiey
8. Me

Most of us had Fish & Chips while Cynthia + Eddie & Joel had the Seafood platter hat looked damn yummy delicious… All of us had a great time catching up & it’s been really long since we came out as a group… Cynthia + Eddie left 1st to check out the movie tickets while the rest of us proceeded to Orchard as Xiaoxue need to exchange something… Cynthia + Eddie came to join us shortly & we went window-shopping around… Xiaoxue’s hubby joined us around 10+pm & Cynthia + Eddie left early as they’re having other programs… We took a few pics right in front the fish tank @ Wisma before Xiaoxue + family left… Jacqueline + Jabez left shortly too with her sis while Shirley, Aiko, Joel, Stephiey & me went for the midnight shopping in Wisma… Shirley & I each bought a polo T from Baby GAP & it only cost us $18++ each, due to the promo they’re having + my GAP membercard discount… Aiko & Joel left to their friend’s birthday celebration while Shirley, Stephiey & I went to Coffee Club opposite Meritus Mandarin to chill… We stayed till around 3+am before we went home…

To Xiaoxue:

Happy belated birthday! Hope you like the pressie that we gave you. =)

To my ladies + Joel:

Totally enjoyed myself to the max! Thanks for the companionship! =)

To Shirley & Stephiey:

Thanks for the late night chill @ Coffee Club! Had a great time with you ladies! =)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Little prince turns 10 months old! 2 more months to his 1st birthday! Till now I haven't plan of anything yet... Hmm... Have to start thinking from NOW!

Little updates of what else he achieved so far:

1) Crawling very very fast, especially he LOVE crawling on 3's instead of 4's...

2) Can stand free hand without support for a few secs, almost for a good 1 min... He could also stand & clap for that 1 min... * Clever Boy *

3) Knows how to ^5 or 'give me 5' when asked to...

4) Learning how to give 'flying kisses' but ended up eating or licking his little palm...

5) Besides knowing how to say 'Ma Ma', learning to say 'Pa' (but his 1st word was 'Ma Ma')... *HAPPY ME!*

6) Had mastered FAKE CRY & when I'm not looking, his eyes big big & when I turned over to bio him, his fake cry start again...

7) Almost weaning off sarong as when I'm working, he's over @ my ILs' office (no sarong there)...

8) When he's behind the passenger's seat with me or with 妈咪, he LOVES to stand high high & stepped on mine or 妈咪's thighs... He also LOVES to lean forward to the front passenger's seat & insist my 爹地 to carry him, if not he WILL cry & scream... That's what 妈咪 always say, "Little prince LOVES to bully his 公公" duh~

9) Knows how to climb up the sofa over @ IL's office & also attempted to crawl over the chair (we use it as a barrier when we need to do our own stuffs...

10) He loves the advertisement from Cold Storage (that "You got the whole world in your hands") & also the Colgate advertisement... He also love those nursery rhymes...

11) He's a DESTROYER! keep throwing things onto the floor which is sometimes quite irritating...

12) And he has a VERY BAD habit, keep biting his lower gums just like this (see pic below, PLS FOCUS ON HIS MOUTH)..


13) And to date, little prince have 4 teeth (2 upper gums & 2 lower gums)... Anticipating for his other teeth to pop out...

Well, that's all I can think of... =)

To my Little Prince:

You're Mummy's precious! Mummy's proud of you & your acheivements! * Clever Boy *
These few days I've been sleeping damn early like 9+pm... Don't know why I always felt so sleepy once I'm home... I'm into my 2nd week of slimming... But the only thing that I realised I'm slim is my face... Although I see that my tummy is not that big now, but still it's still a long way to go to my pre-preggie body & weight... =(

Yesterday I worked till 7.15pm then I left my office... Actually can leave @ 5.30pm, but due to the CNY quotations to re-confirm with the caterers & hotels, & also a meeting with the printer (who printed our company stationeries like letterheads & envelopes) together with my corp comm manager @ 5pm... That meeting lasted for almost 1 hour & that person trying to push the blame all on me... Luckily whenever I communicate with him thru' phone and I will send him & his assistant an email prior to our tele-conversation & keep my corp comm manager in the loop... So that my manager will know what were the details like... =)

Today during lunch, went Plaza Singapura with one of my colleague as the white heels that I wore to work died on me & luckily I've put my flats in the office... Went URS to take a look as they're having 50% sale on certain items (or storewide, couldn't recalled) but none of the designs I like... Then we went to had our lunch 1st @ Yoshinoya before heading to Charles & Keith to hunt for my heels... When I'm in the shop, I took 4 different designs of white heels to the staff (as to save time so we can be back office on time)... Think the staffs being allocated in that outlet was pretty shorthanded, only 4 staffs... Even one staff who was serving a customer had to leave the customer a while to do the cashier duties... After the staff came back with those 4 pairs of heels, I quickly tried on as we're running out of time & decided on 3 designs which 2 designs were pretty similar, except for one was heels & the other was wedges... The other pair I'm getting was white heels with black trimmings... Wanted to apply for the menbercard but my purchases only about $118.80, still short of around $31.20 for the $150 for membership... I very much wanna get another pair just to apply for the membercard but we're running out of time... =(

Left the pair of white heels @ Charles & Keith as I needed them to help me expand the front part... Wanted to get one size bigger than my normal size but the strap behind was pretty lose... But now I really regret of not getting a size bigger... =( Think I will bring it down again for more expanding... I went back to collect the other 2 pairs after work & home sweet home...

The white heels that need some expanding

The white heels with black trimming

The wedges that's almost same design as the white heels & I changed into this pair when I reached office

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today's another shopping day with 妈咪, 爹地 & little prince... Wanted to drive over to Bugis as 妈咪 wanted to shop there, but when I'm turning in to Bugis Junction, the queue to the carpark was damn long... It's not the 1st time that we encountered this, I remembered 1 or 2 Sundays ago or during X'mas or New Year's day the situation still the same... Seems like we had to go some other sundays...

Anyway, drove to Suntec as that's the nearest shopping mall other than Marina Square... Headed to the foodcourt for our dinner & it's shopping time! I wanted to get some clothes for CNY but didn't see the ones I liked... While I was trying on a dress, I saw from some distance that someone carried little prince in his arms but it's not 爹地... Then when my cousin waved to me, then I know it's my 5th uncle & my 5th aunt... It's so coincident, whenever we went Suntec, will definately bump into my relatives... After a short chat with them, we continued 'our' shopping... But I still couldn't find anything for myself...

Then before we went home sweet home, I went in to GAP as they having final sale... Actually the main purpose is to find clothes for little prince, as I never failed buying clothes for him whenever he's out with my parents or with my friends... Anyway, I liked Baby GAP's rompers as the designs quite nice and Charmaine even commented that I LOVE to dress little prince in striped rompers or t-shirts.... lol... Managed to find 2 long-sleeved t-shirts & a brown, green & blue striped romper... Only the romper got 30% discount whereas the other 2 t-shirts was normal price items... Went home sweet home as I didn't bring the hot flask out & I couldn't prepare milk for him as it's near his last feeding time... Anyway, shopping with my 妈咪 and 爹地 is always so fulfilling together with little prince...

Finally my loot from Ringocat arrived...

Front view

Back view

From Baby GAP

From Baby GAP

The striped Baby GAP romper

Friday, January 4, 2008

Today is the 2nd day of the slimming pills that I've took... Well, nothing much really happened, just that when I first started the pills yesterday, I experienced cold sweat thru'out the whole day... Especially when I tied my hair up...

And besides having cold sweat, the other thing is I'm thirsty thru'out the whole day... This is also another side effects that Dr John mentioned... So far, these two are the only side effects that I'd experienced...

Although I'm so tempted to weigh myself to see whether I've lost any weight, but it's ONLY been 2 days that I took the pills... The results WON'T be seen soooooooooooooo fast... And as I told Xiaoxue that I will NOT weigh myself till the next appointment with Dr John in February, I WILL NOT do so as I don't want to make myself so stress in losing weight...

So I can only crossed my fingers that I WILL shed off some weight by the time I see Dr John... *FINGERS CROSSED!*
*extracted from

蓝顉嘻没有抽烟、酗酒 为何暴毙?4 January 2008


新动网第一时间报道,我们联络上了MC King的好友兼同行辉哥,并向他至上慰问。


接到MC King暴毙的通报,辉哥不慎错愕。他最后一次听见MC King的声音是昨天下午1时左右,他邀请辉哥一起上过年节目,到某居民联络委员会所(RC)表演。

他们最后一次合作是圣诞节之前,到马来西亚为朋友庆祝结婚纪念,MC King的妈妈、哥哥,都有前往。

辉哥说,MC King留下的最深印象,就是他为人一点都不斤斤计较,非常爽朗。“有时,我拿到剧本的时候不会读,他就会朗诵给我听。”

两年前行情很差,辉哥和MC King为了挣口饭而天天“跑码头”,组织12人的旅行团队到马来西亚游玩,都难糊口。不过他们都毕竟熬过来了。

他表示,MC King生前很健康,并没有什么不良嗜好,没有抽烟、酗酒,为何暴毙仍是个谜。

MC King12月31日最后一次在部落格上写日记。他感慨自己是否就这样虚度40年的光阴,自己是个没有什么大志,“得过且过”的人,也自嘲自己没有新闻价值,因此媒体曝光率也低。

有许多欣赏MC King的观众得知他离世的消息,纷纷到他的部落格留言致哀。

有一位网民这么写道,“今天才是2008年的第四天,你就这样的离开我们了,到另一个国度去度过新的一年,你在2007年最后一天许的愿望还没完成呀!你怎么就这样走了呢?或许是你厌倦了这个世界吧... 最后,祝你一路好走。”



My quote of the day:

Life is short, Live to the fullest! Always treasure the people around you as you wouldn't know when they will be gone!
Singapore celebrity, Jimmy Nah, dead at 40
Posted: 04 January 2008 1606 hrs


SINGAPORE: Singapore celebrity Jimmy Nah, who is better known as MC King, has passed away suddenly. He was 40 years old.

His friends told MediaCorp Radio that Jimmy had experienced breathing difficulties while at home earlier Friday. He was sent to hospital but died shortly after 1pm.

It is not known if Jimmy had suffered from any health problems. But in the last entry he posted on his blog on 31 December, Jimmy had hoped for good health in the coming year.

Local director Jack Neo, who had worked with Jimmy on several productions, said he was shocked upon hearing the news.

"All along, he's very, very healthy. So, I don't know why. I seriously don't know why," said Jack Neo.

Jimmy had acted in a couple of local movies, including Neo's "Just Follow Law", as well as local drama serials. - 938LIVE.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Met up with Xiaoxue after work to see Dr John for slimming... Supposed to meet her @ 6.20pm @ Buona Vista station, but ended up meeting her @ Outram station... Anyway, both of us were late, and even Silver was late too... Reached the clinic @ around 6.35pm & get myself registered... Waited for about close to 1/2 hour then it's our turn... The 3 of us went in together to save time.

I weighed 56kg & standing @ 157cm... Dr John calculated my current BMI is close to 23 & he commented that I'm just slightly above the normal range... *sob sob* meaning I REALLY have to SLIM DOWN to be within the normal range of 18.5 - 22.5... Dr John said normally will lose 2-3 kg in a month... Still have to depends on individuals, some can lose weight very fast or very slow in a month... But I rather to lose weight slowly, so the risk of having it rebounce back will be lower... Even though the pills can help abit in slimming, but it's the DETERMINATION & healthy & balanced diet to maintain the weight lost... My consultation + pills cost $105, considered cheap...

Xiaoxue & Aiko will be my ideal example in slimming down... I really 佩服 Xiaoxue to have that GREAT determination to slim down... She really can curb her temptations on food very well... I hope to be like her as I really want to slim down & manage to fit into those 9 skirts that I couldn't fit in now as it's all pre-preggie skirts... hmm, didn't know I really put on sooooooooooooo much weight during & after giving birth... I must be more hardworking in wearing my girdle everyday, or @ least every night...

Will be seeing Dr John in a month's time, 1st February 2008. Will be going with Xiaoxue & Silver (think so as not confirmed yet)...

To XiaoXue:
Thanks for accompanying me to Dr John's clinic & also the dinner companion! Think today it's the day that we talked to each other for so long while on the way to Dr John's clinic & back home...
To Silver:
Nice seeing you today! Let's GAMBATE together to shed away that 6 kg of our stubborn FATS! We can DO IT!
Just came back not long from my company festive lunchie @ Absolute Haven opposite my office... This is a festive lunch for Hari Raya, Christmas & New Year all lump together & the theme for the day is BLUE... So all of us have to dress in blue & we proceeded to the restuarant @ 12.30pm... It's a 4 course set meal & I've chose Cream of Rocket, Ribeye Steak as my main course, dessert of the day is Lavender Panna Cotta Cake & my favourite coke...

Menu of the day

Cream of rocket
Ribeye steak with Balsamic Shiraz sauce

Lavender Panna Cotta cake

Me & my 2 superiors

Anyway, I've enjoyed my meal to the max & I love their Ribeye steak as it's very tender & yummy... The dessert was pretty yummy too, though I didn't like the taste of lavender initially... Besides the dessert, my ED baked a fruit cake with lots of raisins & rum & it's super duper DELICIOUS! Totally enjoyed the food & I would say it's a great success in this festive lunch, even though the services kinda slow...

Anyway, meeting Xiaoxue & Silver later to see Dr John Chiam for slimming... I will GAMBATE in my slimming!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Today's New Year's Day! Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all MY DEAR FRIENDS!

Had a boring countdown @ home last night... My initial plan was to meet my bestie for a countdown & drinking session, but as time past by every mintue, I'm kinda lazy & sleepy & rather stay home for the countdown... 老公 was also staying home so I also stayed home...Lame right? lol...

Went town with 妈咪 & 爹地 together with little prince... Parked my car @ Carnhill carpark & walked over to Taka... We headed to Pepper Lunch (don't know correct or not) for our early dinner as we're famished... I had Salmon & Chicken combo set, 妈咪 had Double Salmon set & 爹地 had Lamb & Chicken combo set...


My 1st meal of the day


妈咪's meal


爹地's meal

My charming little prince!

After our meal, we walked around & stopped @ U.R.S. to lookfor 妈咪's shoes... I was not very happy with the SAs attitude... It's like people owe them a million dollars, their service really sucks... 妈咪 saw a pair of flats that she loiked & I asked the SA for a smaller size as 妈咪's wearing size 4... That SA gave me a kind of look as if she don't understand my language & I had to repeat myself a few times then she understand... Then the rest of the SAs attitude like doesn't wanted to work kind... 妈咪 was so fed up with their attitude & walked out the shop... Went MNG to see if there's any nice clothes to buy as Cynthia told me the prices after discount was very very cheap... But nothing caught me eyes & we went over to Wisma...

Passed by GG<5>


My BLUE dress from GG<5>

Went up to Isetan as we wanted to use the Isetan vouchers before it expired... Wanted to get a pair of pumps that I saw @ the shoe department & intended to get it but it's the last pair & not my size... 妈咪 asked me to get the beige colour but I was afraid that it's hard to match with clothes & I might not be wearing that often... So gave that pair of shoes a miss... Went up to the 2nd level & saw a tube dress & gave it a try... 妈咪 again commented that it's nice & I used the vouchers to pay for it... I'm keeping that dress for CNY but I'm afraid that I couldn't keep that to CNY... I have a feeling that I might be wearing that tube dress very soon... HAHA... =P


My tube dress for CNY

Walked back to Taka as need to change little prince's diaper & also his feeding time... After that, went to the lingerie department as 妈咪 wanted to get herself some new bras but none to her liking... Instead, I bought a girdle... I need a girdle badly for my tummy as I want to make my tummy slimmer... Praying hard that it aid in my tummy slimming...


Went home sweet home shortly with my shopping loots... When I reached home, 老公 gave me a little surprise & handled me my christmas pressie... I was SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY lor, even though it's kinda late la... But still, I'm SUPER DUPER HAPPY!


我的迟来的圣诞礼物 - From 老公 *HAPPY*

Woo~ Tomorrow I'm going to see Dr John for slimming... I'm one step nearer to my slimming plans! Will be meeting Xiaoxue & Silver tomorrow! Can't wait for my slimming to start!

To 妈咪:
Thanks for the dress! LOVE YOU LOTS! =)
To 老公:
Thanks for the christmas gift! although it's a little late... LOVE YOU TO THE MAX 老公!! MUACKZ!!!

My New Year 2008 resolution:

1) My 老公 to earn BIG BUCKS
2) Little prince to grow up fast & happy always
3) Getting my LV Damier Speedy by February 2008/March 2008
4) Get rid of my FATS & be slim by little prince's 1st birthday
5) My DEAREST parents & ILs healthy & happy always
6) To be confirmed in my current job & salary increased!

and lastly,