Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today is 老公's 10 over years buddy's 大喜之日! Me & 老公 had been waiting to 喝他的喜酒 for years liao... And FINALLY! He's holding his wedding TODAY!!! 真的是等到我们的脖子都长了... LOL!

Anyway, decided to drive to work as partly I'm almost late for work and also partly it will be damn rush for me to go home after work as 老公 said we HAVE to be EARLY as restuarant WILL start on the DOT! duhz~ Reached office damn early & managed to escape the morning ERPs in CBD area as it started @ 8am... Time seems to flew by very fast as if it know that I have to rush back home to change for the dinner...

I was thinking maybe the parking charges in my office building will not be that expensive as I did the claims before for my manager... But I was TOTALLY wrong! It cost me $21.40 for whole day parking from 8am till 5.30pm! Totally regretted of driving to work... If not, I can save that money for my 2 weeks lunchie... When I reached home, I was surprised that little prince was @ home instead of going over my ILs' office... But nevermind, I'm still happy to see & play with little prince awhile before we headed down to the Singapore Expo for his friend's wedding... ILs came back around 6.45pm & both me & 老公 got ourselves ready & left home @ 7.15pm, as 老公 took for granted as the distance was pretty near (merely a 10 mins drive) & only reached there around 7.35pm... Sometimes 老公 never take the time to park the car & walked to the restuarant into consideration... 有时候真的是受不了他...

老公 saw a few of his longtime friends & we had a chat with them for almost coming 1 hour standing around the reception area... The dinner only start around 8.45pm & I was soooooooooooooo famished by then... Saw the bridal pics that his friend, Wilson & Elaine, took & it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! I was hinting to 老公 that 几时才到我们去拍婚纱照!!! 因为我要穿结婚礼服, 那是人生中只穿一次的!!! 我已经等了四年了!!! He only said after little prince's birthday in March 2008 then go for the shooting... =(

We had an enjoyable night with all his fun-loving friends... We stayed till the end as we have no restrictions as we didn't bring little prince along... Initially I was thinking of bringing him to the dinner, but after 2nd thoughts, decided not to bring as we had to go back early as little prince sleeps around 9+pm... 老公 drank quite abit & his face was damn red after 1 glass of beer, reason being he had stopped drinking for almost for 4 years... Anyway, it's a day that's worth celebrating so I'm fine that he drinks as I can be the driver when heading home... One of their friends, Jason, was damn 啰嗦 after he drank damn alot... The 新婚夫妇 & the rest of us wanted to go home as most of us got to work tomorrow, but that Jason doesn't want to give in & carry on with his drunken speech which none of us could understand... Lol... 只有新娘子有办法推他上车, cuz he's afraid of Elaine... LOL... The bridegroom suggested that this coming Saturday night, come out to have a drink and finally we all can go home sweet home...


CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR WEDDING! Me & Sam totally enjoyed the dinner! See ya on Saturday! 新婚快乐! 要努力做人哦, 快快生个小baby, 那我的宝贝就有玩伴了! 嘻嘻!

* Anyone can recommend me good & not that expensive bridal shops? TIA~ 谢谢


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