Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today's another shopping day with 妈咪, 爹地 & little prince... Wanted to drive over to Bugis as 妈咪 wanted to shop there, but when I'm turning in to Bugis Junction, the queue to the carpark was damn long... It's not the 1st time that we encountered this, I remembered 1 or 2 Sundays ago or during X'mas or New Year's day the situation still the same... Seems like we had to go some other sundays...

Anyway, drove to Suntec as that's the nearest shopping mall other than Marina Square... Headed to the foodcourt for our dinner & it's shopping time! I wanted to get some clothes for CNY but didn't see the ones I liked... While I was trying on a dress, I saw from some distance that someone carried little prince in his arms but it's not 爹地... Then when my cousin waved to me, then I know it's my 5th uncle & my 5th aunt... It's so coincident, whenever we went Suntec, will definately bump into my relatives... After a short chat with them, we continued 'our' shopping... But I still couldn't find anything for myself...

Then before we went home sweet home, I went in to GAP as they having final sale... Actually the main purpose is to find clothes for little prince, as I never failed buying clothes for him whenever he's out with my parents or with my friends... Anyway, I liked Baby GAP's rompers as the designs quite nice and Charmaine even commented that I LOVE to dress little prince in striped rompers or t-shirts.... lol... Managed to find 2 long-sleeved t-shirts & a brown, green & blue striped romper... Only the romper got 30% discount whereas the other 2 t-shirts was normal price items... Went home sweet home as I didn't bring the hot flask out & I couldn't prepare milk for him as it's near his last feeding time... Anyway, shopping with my 妈咪 and 爹地 is always so fulfilling together with little prince...

Finally my loot from Ringocat arrived...

Front view

Back view

From Baby GAP

From Baby GAP

The striped Baby GAP romper


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