Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Today's New Year's Day! Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all MY DEAR FRIENDS!

Had a boring countdown @ home last night... My initial plan was to meet my bestie for a countdown & drinking session, but as time past by every mintue, I'm kinda lazy & sleepy & rather stay home for the countdown... 老公 was also staying home so I also stayed home...Lame right? lol...

Went town with 妈咪 & 爹地 together with little prince... Parked my car @ Carnhill carpark & walked over to Taka... We headed to Pepper Lunch (don't know correct or not) for our early dinner as we're famished... I had Salmon & Chicken combo set, 妈咪 had Double Salmon set & 爹地 had Lamb & Chicken combo set...


My 1st meal of the day


妈咪's meal


爹地's meal

My charming little prince!

After our meal, we walked around & stopped @ U.R.S. to lookfor 妈咪's shoes... I was not very happy with the SAs attitude... It's like people owe them a million dollars, their service really sucks... 妈咪 saw a pair of flats that she loiked & I asked the SA for a smaller size as 妈咪's wearing size 4... That SA gave me a kind of look as if she don't understand my language & I had to repeat myself a few times then she understand... Then the rest of the SAs attitude like doesn't wanted to work kind... 妈咪 was so fed up with their attitude & walked out the shop... Went MNG to see if there's any nice clothes to buy as Cynthia told me the prices after discount was very very cheap... But nothing caught me eyes & we went over to Wisma...

Passed by GG<5>


My BLUE dress from GG<5>

Went up to Isetan as we wanted to use the Isetan vouchers before it expired... Wanted to get a pair of pumps that I saw @ the shoe department & intended to get it but it's the last pair & not my size... 妈咪 asked me to get the beige colour but I was afraid that it's hard to match with clothes & I might not be wearing that often... So gave that pair of shoes a miss... Went up to the 2nd level & saw a tube dress & gave it a try... 妈咪 again commented that it's nice & I used the vouchers to pay for it... I'm keeping that dress for CNY but I'm afraid that I couldn't keep that to CNY... I have a feeling that I might be wearing that tube dress very soon... HAHA... =P


My tube dress for CNY

Walked back to Taka as need to change little prince's diaper & also his feeding time... After that, went to the lingerie department as 妈咪 wanted to get herself some new bras but none to her liking... Instead, I bought a girdle... I need a girdle badly for my tummy as I want to make my tummy slimmer... Praying hard that it aid in my tummy slimming...


Went home sweet home shortly with my shopping loots... When I reached home, 老公 gave me a little surprise & handled me my christmas pressie... I was SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY lor, even though it's kinda late la... But still, I'm SUPER DUPER HAPPY!


我的迟来的圣诞礼物 - From 老公 *HAPPY*

Woo~ Tomorrow I'm going to see Dr John for slimming... I'm one step nearer to my slimming plans! Will be meeting Xiaoxue & Silver tomorrow! Can't wait for my slimming to start!

To 妈咪:
Thanks for the dress! LOVE YOU LOTS! =)
To 老公:
Thanks for the christmas gift! although it's a little late... LOVE YOU TO THE MAX 老公!! MUACKZ!!!


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