Friday, January 11, 2008

These few days I've been sleeping damn early like 9+pm... Don't know why I always felt so sleepy once I'm home... I'm into my 2nd week of slimming... But the only thing that I realised I'm slim is my face... Although I see that my tummy is not that big now, but still it's still a long way to go to my pre-preggie body & weight... =(

Yesterday I worked till 7.15pm then I left my office... Actually can leave @ 5.30pm, but due to the CNY quotations to re-confirm with the caterers & hotels, & also a meeting with the printer (who printed our company stationeries like letterheads & envelopes) together with my corp comm manager @ 5pm... That meeting lasted for almost 1 hour & that person trying to push the blame all on me... Luckily whenever I communicate with him thru' phone and I will send him & his assistant an email prior to our tele-conversation & keep my corp comm manager in the loop... So that my manager will know what were the details like... =)

Today during lunch, went Plaza Singapura with one of my colleague as the white heels that I wore to work died on me & luckily I've put my flats in the office... Went URS to take a look as they're having 50% sale on certain items (or storewide, couldn't recalled) but none of the designs I like... Then we went to had our lunch 1st @ Yoshinoya before heading to Charles & Keith to hunt for my heels... When I'm in the shop, I took 4 different designs of white heels to the staff (as to save time so we can be back office on time)... Think the staffs being allocated in that outlet was pretty shorthanded, only 4 staffs... Even one staff who was serving a customer had to leave the customer a while to do the cashier duties... After the staff came back with those 4 pairs of heels, I quickly tried on as we're running out of time & decided on 3 designs which 2 designs were pretty similar, except for one was heels & the other was wedges... The other pair I'm getting was white heels with black trimmings... Wanted to apply for the menbercard but my purchases only about $118.80, still short of around $31.20 for the $150 for membership... I very much wanna get another pair just to apply for the membercard but we're running out of time... =(

Left the pair of white heels @ Charles & Keith as I needed them to help me expand the front part... Wanted to get one size bigger than my normal size but the strap behind was pretty lose... But now I really regret of not getting a size bigger... =( Think I will bring it down again for more expanding... I went back to collect the other 2 pairs after work & home sweet home...

The white heels that need some expanding

The white heels with black trimming

The wedges that's almost same design as the white heels & I changed into this pair when I reached office


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