Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well, supposed to go for my complimentary back massage today with True Spa with Catherine but ended up Catherine couldn't make it as she need to look after her little princess Janine & me? hmm... SLEEPING of cuz! haha... Didn't even bother to wake up even when I heard my alarm @ 12pm... I slept till like 5.30pm and 老公 also the same... Hmm, me & 老公 are well-known '猪' in the family... =P

Forgot to bring back my mobile charger from office & couldn't charge my mobile... Was thinking of getting a spare one to put @ home so I don't have to bring the charger to & fro to office... Was texting Stephiey that I had a dream that I'm looking for the charger & when I finally found it, it cost a bloody of $160! just for a charger... Then she replied I must be crazy! LOL... Then I remembered that Michelle stayed near my place & she also got the same mobile phone, so decided to give it a try asking if she can lend it to me... I thought she might not be able to lend me as she might need to charge hers too & we're also not close... To my surprise, she's ok lending me the charger & can get from her any time... So after I woke 老公 up, got prepared quickly as we need to pick little prince from my ILs office & also to collect the charger from Michelle...

And supposed to go out with 老公 friends tonight but I think it's cancelled... Cuz till now 老公's mobile doesn't ring & so do mine... Hmm... I'm still anticipating about the night out eversince after Wilson's wedding till now... =( Nevermind, still have lots of chances to go out with that bunch of fun people... So gonna rot @ home & watch my HK drama on youtube... =(

To Michelle:
Thanks for your mobile charger! Will returning it to you tomorrow! You've saved my day! Thanks pretty babe! =)


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