Friday, January 18, 2008

I finally banked in my 2nd payout from WidgetBucks! Can't wait for the money to be credited to my bank a/c & I'm almost reaching my goal!! Yeah!!! I'm just few steps away from my GOAL! * HAPPY HAPPY ME *

And today I just found out another thing that make me SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!! When I told 老公 about it, he almost dropped his jaws & stared @ me with his big eyes... He totally can't believe it when I disclosed it to him... LOL! Only 老公 & a few friends knew about my happiness!!! I TRUST THEM AS I KNOW THEY WON'T mention a single word about it, and that's for sure!!

Anyway, these few days I've been sleeping early but also @ the same time almost late for work... And it's soooooooooooooooooooo sweet of 老公! I didn't even asked him 死死 (diedie) must send me to work, BUT HE DID IT ON HIS OWN INITIATIVE as he knows recently I not having a good night rest... I'm soooooooooooooo glad & feel blissful to have a 老公 like him!! 我真的很幸运能做他的老婆!!! 可能是他前世欠我的, 所以今世他来还债... lol...

Another thing that I'm proud of myself is that I used to spend more than I earned & always ended up only left few hundred bucks for the rest of the month... Or even somtimes spent more than I earned... But now, I no longer do that as 今日不同往日了... Now we have little prince, so every single amount before I splurged on myself, have to put him in priority 1st... Thus, resulting that till now , not even half of my salary gone... Only maybe 1/3 of my salary being used up for my bills, my transport & my breakie & lunchie during work... I really couldn't believe myself in doing that & can see that 老公 is super duper happy that I will spend my money wisely now... And by 2 months later, I'll be able to save most of my salary for little prince's future educational usage & also save for rainy days...


To 老公 SAM LOO & 宝贝小王子 Kayden Loo:

I'm really glad that I've found you almost 10 years ago! 我也很高兴能够嫁给你! 这是我一生中最幸福的事!

And also our precious little prince, Kayden Loo! Mummy LOVE 宝贝 LOTS!!!

Mummy LOVE 老公 & Kayden LOTS LOTS! 永远爱你和我们的宝贝小王子!!!


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