Thursday, May 31, 2007

29th May 2007

Finally the day had arrived!!!! It's a clubbing night @ The Clinic with Ido mummies... It's the biggest gathering that I've ever attended (only clubbing la)... it's even better than the gathering @ St James... This time round there's exactly 20 hot, sexy & havoc mummies + 1 mummies' dh (dear hubby/husband) & he's the photographer of the day...

Had such a great time with them & was glad to meet & know more mummies... We took alot of pics & had a lotsa drinks & loved the syringes...

Shall let the pics do the talking... Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Copied & tagged by Jansey

*more of my brain cells dead*

10 reasons why Mummy married Daddy

here goes:

1) Love at 1st sight, when I was clubbing @ Zouk

2) He gave me a sense of security

3) He's a good-tempered person, whereas I'm hot-tempered *that's why can click*

4) Always give in to me

5) Even I got his beloved car scratched, also never blame me @ all

6) He never ask me to do any household chores *cuz he knows that I don't do @ all*

7) Never restrict me in spending money

8) Never ever nag @ me whenever I buy lotsa of shoes & bags

9) Never restrict me from going out with my guy friends

10) A GREAT lover cum hubby

4 ppl to continue this tag-game:

-> nadia

-> xiaoxue

-> molemole

-> aiko

Monday, May 21, 2007

Alluring nature she have got
Gorgeous eyes that twinkle like the star
Not forgetting her lovely son
Enough to make you go goo goo and gaa gaa
Such a sweet duo, baby and mama

Am i only dreaming?
God sent an angel to me
Never had i ever heard
Every word that you said
Sounds just like heaven humming to me
Copied From Molemole's Tagged!

*all thanks to her that most of my brain cells are dead! =P*

This is what you are supposed to do. Cut and paste if you decide to participate in the tagging game.Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

Weird things about Me

1. I LOVE shopping with my precious Kayden. Before I was pregnant, I Love shopping with my babes kakis. I still love going out with my babes but most of them are working. *consider weird? keke..*

2. I wouldn't let my mil & fil (mother-in-law & father-in-law) to carry my Kayden eversince he's born cuz I always have a feeling that they wanna snatch my Kayden away from me. But when my mummy & daddy wanna carry him, I never say NO to them. Haha. *selfish me*

3. I will die if I don't log in to IDOBB KPT (chat room), the forum I always frequent. It's becomes a habit or rather routine in my life now. Any thing I can live without but not IDOBB, my ever dearest Kayden & my hubby & my parents. *weird enough? LOL!!*

4. I can't do the parellel parking!!! Can any kind souls wanna help me??? (o.O)

5. I never ever have SHORT hair in my entire life!!! My defination of short is above shoulder length. Eversince I started growing hair, my hair is always long & below shoulder length. No matter how many umpteen times that hubby wants me to cut, I always oppose him. So whenever I told him that I'm going for a haircut, he WILL always say why waste $$$, you always say CUT but maciam never cut. Duhz~

6. I am BAG freak!!! I LOVE buying bags & bags & bags... Hubby always complained that I've enough bags liao, still buy for what? As if I have plenty of shoulders/hands like that... Buy so much only to collect dust... *ANGRY*

7. I have this habit whenever I go shopping, be it bags, clothes or shoes, I will SOMETIMES change it on the spot. Eg: if I saw a bag I like, I will purchase it & right away 'discard' the bag I carry to the new bag I got. or if I think my clothes not so nice, then I will source for a new one & change right away... Even my mummy or hubby can't stand me!!! *wink wink*

8. I LOVE ba ba babies!!! I LOVE my Kayden... He's weighing 6.79kg @ 2 months & 1 week... Although I find him heavy to carry, but I still LOVE him LOTS!!!!

Well, that's all about the weird me... *maybe some not even consider weird... tsk tsk tsk...*

The following list shall be TAG by ME!!! Haha!!

-> Jessie

-> Jiro

-> Jansey

-> Jess

-> Eileen

-> Viki

Saturday, May 19, 2007

17th May 2007

Today meeting Bell for lunchie @ Coffee Club, Taka... It's been a long time since I met up with her & she brought Shane with her... Shane's only near to one month older than Kayden... Charmaine came to join us for lunchie too... I've ordered myself a Fish & Chips & it's sooooooo nice... The 3 of us gossiped all the way while we're having lunchie & end our lunch with very SINFUL desserts... I LOVED their Muddy Mud Pie... It's soooooooooooooooooooo delicious!!! After that, me & bell went shopping @ Taka as it rained very heavily & Charmaine went back to work...

Kayden had been very cranky again... Left Taka around 5+pm & the parking fees cost $10+... It's really very ex... Sent Bell home then home sweet home... Thru'out the whole journey, Kayden was sleeping... =)

19th May 2007

Met Charmaine & Adeline @ Tiong Bahru Plaza to go to Kidsloft sales @ Tagore Lane (cuz I don't know the way... hehe...)... Jennifer & dh (dear husband/hubby) & Rebecca were already there waiting for us... Nothing much for me to buy though... After that, went to Amy's ds (ie: dear son) Manfred's birthday @ Sembawang... Luckily the rain had stopped over @ Sembawang, if not I don't know how to push the pram over...

Anyway, had a great time there & Kayden was such a sweetie, he was behaving very good, except for milk milk time...

Monday, May 14, 2007

12th May 2007

Today's IDOBB 3rd gathering... This time round was @ Wendy's place... This was the biggest gathering that I've attended so far... There's about 27 mummies from the forum that I frequent & the number of kiddos, I've lost count... We really enjoyed ourselves that day & some of the mummies were 1st time attending the gathering... The food was simply delicious!!!! I like the macoroni cheese cooked by Wendy's maid... It's really very very delicious & even hubby also liked it (I tabao for him)... And also Xiaoxue's home-made jelly, also thumbs up...

let the pics do the talking...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Met Eunice for lunchie @ MOS Burger, Bugis... Had a short chat as she only had 1 hour lunchie break... After that, brought Kayden to the nursing room @ Seiyu to change his diaper as he pooed while still @ MOS burger... Shopped around Seiyu kids department as they're having 20% sales storewide & got few pairs of mittens & botties & a Mickey Mouse sleeveless romper for Kayden...

1st damage: $24.60

Went Dorothy Perkins as I saw a few tops that I like... I don't know why now I'm really into green colour... Tried on a few tops & dresses & finally bought 1 yellow spagetti top... Too bad that it didn't come in green colour, if not I will definately choose the green over the yellow... I was actually hesitating whether I should get the yellow top or a green 3/4 spagetti dress cuz the price difference was only $6... After having heard the sales assistant's opinion, I decided to just get the yellow one... The green dress is actually the same design & material as the yellow one I bought... But if I really like that green one, I can jolly well just go back on thursday & get it... Cuz hubby gonna collect his new I/C on thursday... Oh ya, now then I know Singapore has a rule that you need to change new I/C when you reach 30...

2nd damage: $43.00

After getting that yellow top, I decided to get a white 3/4 capri pants to match with it... Although it can go along with black & demin, it WILL look much better with white... Finally found one @ Double Index and they are having sales up to 50%... I was having 2nd thoughts about the white capri, cuz it's very trans & I can actually SEE the pockets... So decided to walk around & think about it 1st before I buy on impulse... But given my character, normally when I fancy something, I will get it on the spot... So, this time without fail, I went back to get it... The sales staff (I suspect she's the boss *only suspect*) was kinda knew that I'll come back to get it... She kept telling me after washed, it won't be so trans la, those who got the 3/4 pants came back to get other colours la & she herself got all the colours... To me, it doesn't bother me whether really got people going back to get the other colours or not, as long as I like it can liao...

3rd damage: $34.10 (after 10% discount UP $37.90)

After I'm done with my loots *very very CONTENTED*, I saw my primary school mate... When I 1st saw her, I was like OMFG!!! You've given birth to twins & they already 16 months old!!! That means I really damn f**king long never see her!!! I was also surprised that my Kayden is much nore bigger size than her twins... Can you imagine a coming to 2 months old baby is actually bigger size than an infant of 16 months??? She was also surprised that Kayden was so big size... But after she told me that her twins are premmies (ie: born @ 32 weeks) & when they're borned, they only weighed around 1.7+kg, THEN I was relieved... *Phew!* Will be meeting up with her soon as she's also a SAHM (Stay @ Home Mum) to do more catching up...

It seems like every where is having sales... YIPPIE!!!! Meaning can start my shopping spree again!!! Shall DRAG hubby to Bugis this thursday after getting his new I/C... LOL!!!

Total damage of the day: $101.70 (cannot let hubby know if not he will KILL me!!! =P)

P/S: I can't imgaine I have to get size M for the pants... I'm sooooooooooooooooo sad... When can I get back my pre-pregnancy weight & size??????? =(

what's f**king wrong with blogger??? How come cannot choose colours for my text one!!!! Arghhhhhhhh!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I don't know what I had last night... The whole of last night & today I've been running in & out the toilet cuz of the stupid diarrhoea & I was having fever too... I couldn't get into sleep the entire night...

I was so sad that I can't attend the mummy bloggers gathering today, due to the stupid diarrhoea... I was anticipating to this gathering very long already & yet I can't attend... I've already missed out the previous 2 gathering & yet this time round I'd missed it again... I still thought that if my diarrhoea gets better today, I could attend with Kayden... But still, it doesn't even gets better, it's getting worse... Imagine having running in & out the toilet more than 10 times in 1 hour!!! That's kiling me sia...

Not only I couldn't attend the gathering, I also missed out to Vivo City to support Adel in the Wonderbaby semi-finals... Till now I'm typing this entry, the stupid diarrhoea still don't want to leave me alone!!!

I MISSED OUT ALL THE FUN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Today my N80 sot sot de... Whenever I slide up or down, it always go blank for a while then I can see anything on the screen... So I have no choice but to bring it down to Nokia Care Centre @ Century Square (CS)... I got my hubbby to let me use back my Nokia 7610... =(

Reached CS around 3+pm & went straight to Nokia CC to get a queue number cuz Nokia CC always got alot of people waiting to send their phone in either for servicing or updating latest software... And the waiting time is always very long... I ever waited for almost 2 hours to get my phone serviced... But today when I reached there, they're attending to number S140 & my queue number was S163, so the waiting time shouldn't be that long as there's only 23 people ahead of me... So while waiting, Kayden was getting a bit cranky & started crying... I then realised it was his milk milk time, so had to prepare his milk milk before he really start to cry REAL loud... The waiting time was only less than 1 hour to my turn...

They told me it's either my LCD screen got problem or don't know what connector got problem... But, now their LCD screen out of stock... They also don't know when the stock will be in... So have to leave my phone there to check what's wrong... After that, went to shop around while waiting for hubby to pick us up... Bought 2 green tube tops from this brand Joop... I don't know why I've started to like green colour... Hmm...

Anyway, the Nokia people called me just now & told me that it's the LCD that need to be changed... So meaning I have to wait till roughly 2 weeks or so for the stocks to arrive to get it changed... Haiz... So tomorrow have to go collect back my SOT SOT N80 & wait patiently for the stocks to arrive before my phone can be fully cured... Have to bear with the sot sot phone for another 2 weeks... Argh...

total damage of the day: $ 58.80