Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today as usual, went back to Mummy's place...Wanted to pick Mummy up from her workplace @ 5pm, but she off work pretty early around 3+pm... So just headed back directly from my place with little prince...

While waiting for Mummy to get herself ready, Daddy was carrying little prince sitting on the arms of the sofa... Daddy suddenly lost balanced & both of them fell onto the floor... Daddy used himself as a cushion for little prince & little prince was kinda startled & almost crying... Luckily for little prince, he didn't suffered any injuries, but Daddy was not that lucky... He suffered a slight bruise on the tip of his left ear... What a careless Daddy...

Anyway, we drove to Kallang Airport Hawker Centre to have our dinner before going to Granny's place... The multi-storey carpark was a very stupid layout... In order to get to the carpark entrance, I had to drive one big round to get there... Stupid right... I had chicken chop for dinner, while Mummy had fishball noodles & Daddy had mixed pig organs soup... The chicken chop was very very YUMMY & there's no sauce on it.... That store with the YUMMY chicken chop was once being featured by Channel U's a food show (hosted by Michelle Chia & Adrian Pang)... After our filling dinner, headed to Granny's place... And one more thing about that carpark, there's 2 so-called 'parking attendants' there & when we (drivers) driving down the storeys, normally will look out for cars driving up the slope... Then this stupid attendant just came out from nowhere & I nearly bumped onto her... That attendant was directly the traffic there... I was like, "Wao lau eh, how can suddenly appear one? Those drivers are alert enough to see any cars approaching ma!"

Enough of that... 六姨 was happy to see little prince cuz I think she very very long never see him... Little prince also had a great time playing with 六姨... We only stayed about an hour & went home... Little prince as usual cried once I put him in his car seat, so no choice Mummy had to carry him & pat him to sleep all the way back home... When will he stop crying when driving back home @ night? Duhz~~

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Favorite Female Singer - Janice 衛蘭


My Love My Fate

Here are some of my favorite chinese & cantonese songs...

張學友 + 王菀之-- 我真的受伤了

張學友-- 遙遠的她

陳奕迅 - 黑擇明

容祖兒 - 阿門

容祖兒 - 16號愛人

容祖兒 - 爭氣

容祖兒 - 出賣

容祖兒 - 告解

容祖兒 & 李克勤 - 刻不容緩

李克勤 - 不知不覺愛上你

必殺技 -- 古巨基 <---- My 老公's song

古巨基 - 爱与诚

鄧麗欣 方力申 - 好心好报(DUET)

Friday, September 28, 2007

YUPPIE!!! 老公 buying DS Lite for me!!!!!!!!!! *HAPPY ME!!!*

Yesterday went to little prince's godpa's chalet @ Changi Village.. Josephine invited us to go over for a while as she very long never see her godson liao... 老公 and I had a hard time finding the place... That chalet was damn big lor, but abit ulu... It's Fairy Point Chalet... And the road leading to the chalet was soooooo narrow that can only have one way direction single lane...

When we reached there, they already started bbq... Josephine carried little prince most of the time while I played DS Lite with one of the sweetie girl there... Boy! I got hooked on DS Lite, especially playing the 'Cooking Mama'... Cuz since I can't cook in real life, I'm sure I can cook in the games... =P I'd brought up to 老公 many times long long ago about getting a DS Lite but he rejected... So when he saw me played, he agreed to get one for me even though I didn't asked... So happy lor... Josephine got it @ a promo of $299 with 2 free games & she got the 'Cooking Mama' @ almost $50... The games are real expensive... Anyway stayed till 12+am & went home sweet home...

Today collect the super duper delicious oneh oneh that I've ordered thru' Eunice... This is the last time that auntie made these delicious oneh oneh... I will miss the super duper delicious oneh oneh after I finished my 2 boxes of 25pcs...

I don't know why little prince eversince that lantern night on Tuesday, when in the car, he will start crying & crying till we reached home... Tuesday night was the 1st time that he's like that... I thought maybe it's just coincidence but I realised he's been like that eversince then... When I heard him cry like no tomorrow, 听了很心痛 & I can't 哄他 if I drive... Eunice told me it's part & parcel of his growing up stage... Hopefully that will not long... 宝贝, you big boy already... Must learn not to cry for no reasons liao... =)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here's the pics from last Sat mini gathering @ Vivo

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Updates on little prince @ 6 months 2 weeks!

He finally can hold on to something & stand up for a while... Actually I saw him attempted to stand up few times @ home & over @ Charmaine's place (yesterday), but not successful... So I placed him in his playpen today & I was being amazed of what he had achieved... He 1stly kneed on his bed, then slowly stand up...

宝贝,妈咪 & 爹地 are very PROUD of you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today met Charmaine & Eunice for FHB lunchie... Catherine supposed to meet us but she couldn't make it... This time round I didn't had my usual order, cuz now I'm slowly introducing solid food to little prince... So I had sliced fish soup w/o rice or noodles, cuz this morning 老公bought me 爱心早餐... =)

Reached Bugis around 12.10pm & they were already there... Anyway, little prince was very very kaypo with his surroundings... There's 2 guys sitting next to our table chatting away, little prince kept looking @ both of them as if he understand what's their conversations about... 真是得受不了他... I fed him the white 豆腐 from the soup & the sliced fish... He seems to like it... He also like the KFC's whipped potato (w/o the gravy) that we fed him yesterday night... Kept showing me his contented face... =)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Charmaine's FHB

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My FHB (soup only)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

While we're eating, little prince eating this!

After we're done with our lunchie, Charmaine & I went over to Centrepoint as I need to get that romper that I'd reserved from GAP... I also got him 2 sets (2 pairs per set) of socks for $10.00 (UP $10.00 per set) as they're having a promotion of buy 2 sets of socks & get 50% off the purchase... It's worth it as it's only $2.50 per pair... 真得很值得! Damage @ GAP: $35.00

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

the romper I reserved

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

socks that cost $2.50 each

Went over to Charmaine's working place & I went shopping with little prince @ Istean as they're having 20% sales (that's what I heard from Charmaine) to check out any good grabs @ the Kids Department... Intended to get a new milk powder dispenser as the current one not very good... Was browsing the same section up & down & finally settled for a Combi Deep Feeding Bowl, a Cool teether toy and a Lock & Lock tupperware to replace the current milk powder dispenser... Damage @ Istean: $15.30

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Combi Deep Feeding Bowl

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Isn't that deep after all

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Little prince's new teether toy

Little prince was very 可爱咯... One hand I was carrying him & the other hand pushing the pram (cuz he's kinda sleepy so he gets cranky & cry while in the pram) & was getting McDonald's, I looked @ little prince & wanna see what he's doing... He was already dozing off (in upright position) & was abit like 'humpty dumpty' kind... That's the 1st time I saw him like that...

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took this while waiting for Charmaine to off work

Waited for Charmaine to knock off as I doesn't want to be in the after office crowd & went over to her place to 提灯笼... Picked Adel up and bought a battery operated paper lantern for little prince on the way... Charmaine was hesitating of whether to get the same as little prince's for Adel... I told her just get it la... Anyway so cheap, only selling @ $3.50... And she got one for Adel, despite that she just bought some for Adel the day before...

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The batt operated paper lantern

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

how it looks like

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

the LED light with a switch

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

inside of the lantern

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After dinner @ her place, we went down to the playground to 提灯笼... But Adel instead of 提灯笼, she's more interested in the slide @ the playground... Adel had lotsa fun & we took quite a bit of pics... We even took some pics of Adel kissing little prince on his cheek & took a video clip of me playing with little prince... not really play la, it's more like teasing him la... Although it's only us for the 提灯笼 session, we still had a great time...

Enjoy the clip & slide =)

(must turn on the volume of your PC to the max then can hear his giggles)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

totally LOVE this pic!

*see little prince contented face! haha...*

Will load the pics when I can....

Don't know what's the F**K with 'Bloggers'... I CAN'T UPLOAD ANY PICS / VIDEOS & I ALSO CAN'T CLICK ON THE LINKS IN MY TAGBOARD... I only uploaded the Adobe Photoshop v7.0 & Microsoft Excel & Words thingy in my PC, and I can't UPLOAD or CLICK in my blog!!!!!!! 气死我了!!!!! 为什么要这样对我??? 我有很多照片要upload!!!! Make me so 麻烦 to use Photobucket & to upload pics & video!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today supposed to go for the MummySG gathering @ Ikea for breakfast @ 10.30am... But I woke up only around 11+am... *Sorry to those mummies* Anyway, my ILs were @ home on Sunday & I decided to continue sleeping... Cuz Sunday's always a day for my & 老公 to sleep late... Oh ya, did I mentioned that 老公's car 爆了胎 yesterday on the way back home from Vivo? 哈哈... Me & little prince were standing on the pavement watching him changed... Too bad I never took a picture of him changing the tyres cuz I'm busy with little prince... But the sight of 老公很man 啊...

Woke up around 3+ 4pm & got myself ready to go back to mummy's place as little prince haven't seen his 公公 & 婆婆 for almost 2 weeks liao... Anyhow, took an hour to get prepared & off me & little prince went... Little prince was pretty co-operative even though he's getting cranky... Watched SCV programs & got hooked on this TW drama starring 罗志祥(小猪) & 大S, 转角.遇到爱 (think that's the title) & it's pretty nice... I know I'm abit outdated la, when it comes to TW dramas, but still who cares... =P I wanna go get the whole drama series & watch @ the comfort of my home... That's what I LOVE about mummy's place...

Fed little prince around 6+pm & pat him to sleep cuz he wanted to... He was sleeping so soundly & after 15 - 20 mins, I woke him up again as I need to change his diaper... He started to cry cuz ME, this 坏蛋 mummy woke him frim his beauty sleep... =P After changing, daddy carried little prince to coax him & he seems to quiet down almost immediately... Then off we went to pick mummy up from her workplace @ Tai Seng Drive to have dinner together... Called 老公 after mummy 下班 to join us for dinner @ Bedok... 老公 was kinda bit 不愿意 as he just went downstairs not long... But I was like telling him that once a while having dinner with my parents will die is it, cuz he never once accompanied me back to mummy's place on Sundays & only except for some occassions... Anyway, 老公 still gave in & joined us for dinner... We had 煮炒 for dinner & mummy ordered the typical 四菜一汤 & 老公 & daddy had 2nd bowl of rice... Mummy gave little prince 豆腐 (those soft soft one) & he seemed to like it... But I told mummy not to give him anymore cuz I wouldn't know if can give him now or can only give him later...

芙蓉炒蛋 Furong Egg
汤 (forgot what soup)

咕老肉 Sweet & sour pork

姜葱鱼片 Fried slice fish with ginger

菠菜炒蘑菇 Spinach with mushroom

Mummy & I were surprised that little prince like watching soccer cuz he kept looking up to the TV broadcasting the soccer match between New Castle & West Ham (think it's that match la) & ignoring us when we kept calling him...

I tried feeding little prince mash potato (without gravy) & dory fish yesterday & he seemed to enjoy it... 嘻嘻... Will try giving him new food & let him explore the taste of solid food... =P

These few days I don't know why I slept till 11+ 12pm... Anyway, finally got my spree loots from shopping diva... It's the Charming Cat waterproof mascara... Mr Postman delivered the loots to me while I'm preparing to go out...

The Charming Cats Waterproof Mascara

I have yet try it as I'm already getting late to meet some of my mummies friends... Got hubby to send me to MRT station as he needs to go for his RT @ 4pm... Supposed to meet Shelley @ 4.30pm HarbourFront MRT station, but I only reached Tanah Merah MRT station @ 4.15pm... So made a call to her saying I'll be late & luckily she's just out of her house... Anyway, I reached there about 4.45-4.50pm @ she's not there yet... So called Shirley & she's already on the way... So went GAP to have a look @ the infants clothes while waiting for Shirley + Jovan to reached... Bought a white romper for little prince & wanted to get another romper for him but don't have his size... So got he staff to check other outlets & Centrepoint has it & got it under reservation... So will be dropping by Centrepoint on Monday to get it... *Anyone wanna go with me on Monday?*
think this is the only one that caught both me & Cynthia's eyes
Went to White Dog Cafe with Shirley + Jovan 1st while waiting for the rest to arrive... Here's the list of those attended:

-> Me + Little prince

-> Shirley + Jovan

-> Jacqueline + Jabez

-> Shelley (cuz Jexus having cough)

-> Xiaoxue + Skye

-> Nadia + Fay

-> Cynthia + hubby + Brayden

I had their carbonara & it's yummy & the size was just nice... But I was super duper hungry & wanted to order another dish together with Nadia (we're both super duper hungry), in the end have to pass it... We all had a great time chatting over dinner & our dinner costs $183 (rounded up)... After dinner, went to change all our little ones before we headed to Haagen Daz for some ice cream desserts & Shelley left for her movies... Little prince slumbered to his dreamland after feeding, Jovan & Brayden also slumbered to their dreamland... We took lotsa of pics this time & we FOUND a nice place to take the pics with good lightings around... Making all of us fair & nice... muahahaha... Think those people walking by sure think that this group of mummies like never take pics before, & somemore take @ the same spot... but we LOVE that spot... haha... Really had a fun & great time laughing & chatting with them... still waiting for therest to upload the pics as I wanted to take lotsa of pics with my digicam but it died on me... it always appear 'System Error' & I can't use that idiot digicam... arghh... so bear with me & enjoy the following ones 1st... =P

the Carbonara

the Baked rice

Little prince & mummy

Me & Nadia *I LOVE this pic*

Me & Fay

Me & Jacqueline

Me & XiaoXue

Me & Shirley
Cynthia & me
Shelley & me

Mil brought a box of Breadtalk mooncakes back... The packaging is nice BUT the money not nice... It's selling @ $40+ for that... There's altogether 9 flavours & only some of it I like... There's cappuccino 咖啡, green tea 抹茶, cranberry 曼越莓, pandan 香兰, chocolate巧克力, orange 香橙, pineapple 风梨, white lotus with single yolk 单黄白莲蓉, spicy floss 辣松... Anyway, only the packaging looks nice, as for the mooncakes, I haven't try yet as mil said must 拿去拜拜先才可以吃... So can't tell you peeps whether nice or not... =P

the super nice & hard packaging

bottom (from right to left): Earth 地球, Uranus 天王星, Mars 火星, Neptune 海王星

middle (from right to left): Mercury 水星, Venus 金星, Jupiter 木星

top (from right to left): Moon 月球, Saturn 土星

bottom (from right to left): cappuccino, green tea, cranberry, pandan

middle (from right to left): chocolate, orange, pineapple

top (from right to left): spicy floss, white lotus with single yolk

Not bad ar, Breadtalk's one the biggest among all the other planets & used their famous floss as fillings... I shall try all the flavours & tell you peeps about it... =)

One more thing, I finally figure out what's wrong with my digicam... It's that f**king SD Memory card that's giving me problem... Cuz I tried with another SD card & viola! it work! So it's time for me to change a bigger storage SD memory card le...

PS: More of these kind of GATHERINGS ladies! =)