Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today as usual, went back to Mummy's place...Wanted to pick Mummy up from her workplace @ 5pm, but she off work pretty early around 3+pm... So just headed back directly from my place with little prince...

While waiting for Mummy to get herself ready, Daddy was carrying little prince sitting on the arms of the sofa... Daddy suddenly lost balanced & both of them fell onto the floor... Daddy used himself as a cushion for little prince & little prince was kinda startled & almost crying... Luckily for little prince, he didn't suffered any injuries, but Daddy was not that lucky... He suffered a slight bruise on the tip of his left ear... What a careless Daddy...

Anyway, we drove to Kallang Airport Hawker Centre to have our dinner before going to Granny's place... The multi-storey carpark was a very stupid layout... In order to get to the carpark entrance, I had to drive one big round to get there... Stupid right... I had chicken chop for dinner, while Mummy had fishball noodles & Daddy had mixed pig organs soup... The chicken chop was very very YUMMY & there's no sauce on it.... That store with the YUMMY chicken chop was once being featured by Channel U's a food show (hosted by Michelle Chia & Adrian Pang)... After our filling dinner, headed to Granny's place... And one more thing about that carpark, there's 2 so-called 'parking attendants' there & when we (drivers) driving down the storeys, normally will look out for cars driving up the slope... Then this stupid attendant just came out from nowhere & I nearly bumped onto her... That attendant was directly the traffic there... I was like, "Wao lau eh, how can suddenly appear one? Those drivers are alert enough to see any cars approaching ma!"

Enough of that... 六姨 was happy to see little prince cuz I think she very very long never see him... Little prince also had a great time playing with 六姨... We only stayed about an hour & went home... Little prince as usual cried once I put him in his car seat, so no choice Mummy had to carry him & pat him to sleep all the way back home... When will he stop crying when driving back home @ night? Duhz~~


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