Thursday, September 20, 2007

I was sleeping when 老公 woke me up around 11pm... Reason being Xavier & Veron wanted to play pool & also for some catching up session... So had no choice but to get up from bed, even though earlier in the day I was being attacked by hives on my thighs & I'd taken medicine to cure that...

Anyway, got ourselves ready as we're meeting them @ 12.30am East Coast to play pool... But by the time we reached there, they're already there & started playing pool... It's really been a long long time since we last met them... After palying a few games of pool, we decided to head down to 师奶茶餐厅 next to McDonald's for supper... But that place closed @ 12am during Sun - Thurs... So 老公 suggested to go over to another 师奶茶餐厅 over @ Upper East Coast Road as there closes @ 4am... The food very very yummy & filling...

我的红豆奇冰 - $ 3.00

我的鸳鸯扒饭 - $ 9.80

Veron 的铁板日式海鲜炒乌冬 - $ 9.50

Xavier 的金牌“三盏灯”烘 - $ 14.80

老公的特制香脆炸肉,靓叉烧面 - $ 8.80

Our total bill came up to $ 58++... Abit expensive la... But once in a while still ok la... Then 老公 decided to give Xavier & Veron a treat as they came all the way from Yishun to East Coast to play pool (their cabfare was like $21, inclusive of midnight charge)... Xavier suggested that we shift inside as he wanted to watch soccer... Was having a great time chatting with Veron... Before I knew, it's already 3+am le & we're still outside... Xavier even suggested why not we go back & play pool again... Luckily 老公 said no as 我们的宝贝, 伟文 will be waking up soon (actually he's waking up around 5+ 6am la) & my 家婆 is helping me look after him just in case he woke up... So after taking pics, we left & went home sweet home...


Xavier & 老公

我 & Veron

Today's my 1st time to use chinese to blog... cuz 老公 finally installed the program for me... =P


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