Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 9th Anniversary, Hubby!

Today was our 9th anniversary... Time really flies... It's seems like I just knew him @ Zouk yesterday...

Decided to drop by Ikea to get the high chair for little prince as it's much more easier for me to feed him cereal... We set off @ 4+pm over to my inlaws office 1st, as hubby needs to get some things done... We reached Ikea around 7pm & decided to have dinner 1st before we start on our shopping... This was our 1st time dining @ Ikea & this is a small kinda celebration of our anniversary... The food was simply delicious & although the portion was kinda small but very filling... Wanted to try out the meatballs as heard lotsa raves about it, but decided not to... Hubby was still asking me why no chicken wings... Duhz~

My Poached Salmon - $ 6.90

My Cream of Chicken - $ 3.80

Hubby's Chicken Leg with Swedi..... (forgot liao) - $ 7.50

Little prince
Our Kid's Meal Chicken Nuggets with Chips - $ 2.90

While hubby & me started digging in our dinner, little prince was salivating & kept looking @ us... But he still have to wait till he's older then I will let him try... Little prince seemed to like sitting on a high chair... He didn't even make any noise when we're having dinner...

Looking @ our food

After filling our stomach ~Yum Yum~

After we're done with our dinner, gave little prince water as to compensate him for not having the yummy food that we had... *sorry baby...*

After drinking

Walked around to have a look @ the cabinets & PC table as hubby thought of getting one... Then went to get little prince's high chair & off we went home sweet home...

"Mummy, are you taking a pic of me?"

On the way back home, I tried giving little prince a tiny bit of bread to try... His 1st reaction was like, 'wth is Mummy giving me' look... But after few attempts, he's like very happy & asked for more... But didn't really give much as I don't know can I give bread @ this age... Little prince don't know why cried on our way back... It's about the same time as yesterday when he cried... Wondering what's wrong with him... Haiz...

I'm sick... Having bad sore throat & flu coming soon... Haiz... Hopefully little prince don't get the virus from me...


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