Friday, September 14, 2007

Met Charmaine for lunchie @ Hans, Far East Plaza... It was raining cats & dogs when I travelled down from my place to PIE to City... Supposed to meet her @ 12pm, but due to the mini traffic jam @ Carnhill exit (from CTE), had to meet her @ 12.20pm... I only reached Hans with little prince @ 12.30pm... I'd ordered Chicken Carbonara & Charmaine ordered Sirloin steak... The chicken carbonara was abit too creamy for me... I still preferred Cafe Cartel's carbonara, still No. 1...

Our soup of the day

My lunchie - Chicken Carbonara

Charmaine's lunchie - Sirloin steak with black pepper sauce

Our walnut cakes - YUMMY!

After lunchie, accompanied her to get a pair of new shoes for her work & she went back to office & I went for my eyebrow trimming appointment... Surprisingly this time round, I'm early for my appointment cuz I thought my appointment was @ 1pm... Only later when my friend came (the one doing the trimming for me) for work & told me it was a 2pm appointment... *Blur me* Little prince started to get cranky when I'm halfway thru' the trimming process & I realised it's time for his milk milk... After the trimming was done, I quickly walked up to the nursing room to feed him... While I was preparing his milk, I couldn't find his milk bottle... I practically searched my whole bag, still couldn't find... So made a call back home & hubby said left the milk bottle on the kitchen table...DUHZ~ Little prince was crying like no tomorrow & I had no choice but to use his water bottle to make milk for him... And I had to split 2 times to feed him (cuz the water bottle only 125ml & he's drinking 210ml)... He actually stopped crying after his feed & I changed him... Shortly after, he started crying again cuz he wanna sleep... Had a hard time coaxing him to sleep... Finally he budged in & slumbered to his dreamland...*BAD mummy made me cried so much today* Sorry baby...

Went back to my friend's work place for a chat while waiting for Rebecca + Kenan to arrive... She supposed to meet me @ 1+pm, but only arrived @ 3.30pm together with her hubby William... Shopped around with them and got myself a pair of new heels (for my bestie's wedding this Sunday) & Rebecca left early with William to Marine Parade... I went to Norte to look for Sharon as she wanna play with little prince & I got a top from her... Had a little catch up with her then went home...

damage: $20.00

damage: $29.90

My that stupid headache is back again... Hurts soooo much... Arghhh.... =(


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