Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To all my friends who blog:

If you wanna register yourself with Advertlets & have their ads posted in your blog, do kindly take time to read their rules carefully:

*quoted from Advertlets

All Singaporean bloggers are invited to participate in our “Singaporean Special Program”. You can write reviews in English, Bahasa, or even in Chinese.

The following review slots are available:

280 Reviews, SGD 25 each (blogs with more than 10 unique visits per day)
10 Reviews, SGD 60 each (blogs with more than 100 unique visits per day)
10 Reviews, SGD 128 each (blogs with more than 500 unique visits per day)

and just because we feel like it:

2 Reviews, SGD 88 each (for reviews in Romanized Hokkien! Really. But no KNNCCB kind of stuff, okay?)

And to make things easier, we’ve came up with a concise outline for review submissions:

-- A registered Singaporean member on the Advertlets Network

-- Your blog/site must display at least 1 Advertlets Ad unit

-- A minimum word length of 200 words

-- Please check for spelling & factual errors

-- Must include a screen capture or screenshot of (or a relevant image from as well as at least 1 link to

-- Include two or more of the following topics in one post: -Why they signed up with Advertlets, Why they like Advertlets, What They Hope to Get From Advertlets, Advertlets Compared With Other Online Advertising Services and Suggestions On How Advertlets Can Improve Further.

-- Not a stand alone page hosted on your website/blog. The review must be accessible from your main page during time of submission.

-- Not contain any vulgar language, racist or inflammatory statements.

-- Most importantly, a creative, unique & original approach to your review!

-- Only one review per blogger

Write the post on your blog first, then by using our contact form, state your Username, and your Review URL on your blog and click “Submit”. Once we’ve taken a look, you will then receive an e-mail on whether your review has been approved, and if it is, your account will be credited! This review program expires 15 September 2007

So before you start copying the html codes to your blog, better start a review on it & contact Advertlets about your review.

Cheers =)