Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm supposed to meet Carole @ 12pm & I couldn't believe that I actually slept till 12pm today! Omg... I quickly checked my mobile if Carole smsed me to tell me that she's here @ my place... Indeed she did, she smsed that she's out of the house & will be @ my place in 20mins time... I called her immediately & told her I just woke up & ask her to take her own sweet time to my place...

After that call, I quickly got out from bed & headed for shower... Got everything ready, including dressed little prince up & waiting for Carole to reached... Got hubby to go down with me as it started to rain heavily & I need to get little prince's pram from our car... Carole was here & off we went to The Central @ Clarke Quay... Jeraldine was sleeping when I was in the car & the rain got heavier & heavier...

Had our lunchie @ the foodcourt (as well as little prince's lunchie) & I saw one of my secondary schoolmate... Was surprised that he's married (cuz he always give me the impression of not wanting to get married) & he's also surprised that I gave birth & actually had a kid... Lol... He was telling me his wife had been pestering him to have a baby but he put that idea off cuz he's not prepared to be a daddy now... I told him I also not prepared to be a mummy but now looked @ me, I'm a mummy of a coming 6 months old son... "No one will be prepared to be parents or what, when the time comes, we'll know how to deal with it naturally" <-- that's what I strongly believe in...

Anyway, walked around the premises as Carole never really been to that place... Little prince was super duper cranky while we window shopped... He kept wanting to be carried & doesn't want to be seated in his pram... I had a hard time coaxing him, then when I managed to coax him down, I bit his ear (for the fun of it) & he started crying again... *Naughty Mummy me!* Even Carole also can't stand me... lol... After having a hard time coaxing him again, he slumbered to his dreamland & FINALLY I had peace!

Decided to move over to Bugis as they having 20% sales @ the Kids Department & there's nothing much to shop @ The Central... Changed our little ones diapers & started our shopping again... Only got little prince a new pair of shoes & also a Combi food utensils cuz he's getting cranky AGAIN & I lost all my mood in shopping!!! Keep crying when he's in the pram & when carried him up, he stopped immediately... duhz~ Since no mood to shop due to little prince's crankiness, told Carole that why not we head back home & we did after Carole got all the things she wanted... Carole sent me + little prince home & I'd called hubby to come down & meet us when reached home... *Thanks Carole for the ride fro & back*


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