Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today was Rinzen (Darren's dd) baby shower... I was still in dilemma whether I should go or not... As little prince was still having slight diarrhoea, not sure if I should go or not... But I still decided to go over... The party started @ 12pm, but I was still home @ 1pm... haha... Reached there almost 2pm & I almost turned to the wrong turn... Lol...

Anyhow, when I reached there, I'm glad that most of them were still around... Didn't get to taste the food from Four Seasons cuz I'd already eaten before I left the house... Looking @ all our little ones mingling around was sooooooo adorable lor... Especially when Elaine & I placed our little ones on the floor on crawling position... Elaine's prince, Shane, was only 3 weeks older than little prince, but little prince seems to be on the bigger side... duhz~

I left shortly after most of them left & went over to granny's place to look for Mummy & Daddy... Stayed @ granny's place for less than 1 hour & drove over to Marine Parade to walk around... Little prince now likes to make alot of sound & sometimes screaming for nothing... Today he kept buuuu buuuu & Mummy also do that to him... bth Mummy.... Had Mos Burger for dinner & after that went home sweet home...

Today little prince didn't finished most of his feeds... His feed @ 3+pm only drank 70ml, then fed him again @ 6+pm & drank 170ml... Then when back home, had his last feed @ 10+pm & only drank 100ml... Wondering what's wrong with him... *hoping he can sleep thru'out till tomorrow morning*

Pics of the day

Daddy & little prince *their 1st pic together*

Mummy & little prince *half of Mummy's face covered*

Mummy trying to kiss little prince *their 1st pic too*


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