Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today woke up @ 11am to get prepared to go Far East Plaza to have my eyebrows plucked... 1st time I walked from home to Tanah Merah Mrt station (cuz hubby still reservist) to take train with little prince... It took me almost 15-20mins walk & luckily the weather still quite cooling (but I still sweat... duhz~)... While on the train down to Orchard, little prince keep making Mmmmm Mmmmm sound... Someone even asked me little prince happy or crying *lol* Then I told him that he's trying to get attention & little prince kept making that sound thru'out the journey...

Met up with Zhuzhu + Keidi @ Orchard Mrt station after I'm done with my appt... Went Taka foodcourt to have our lunchie & as well fed little prince milk milk... Nana + Rachelle joined us shortly & went to the Baby Fair while waiting for Jess + Jannon to join us... We 4 mummies (Me, Zhuzhu, Nana & Jess) shopped around & I bought 1 short sleeve, 1 long sleeve & 1 long pants (Pigeon pyjamas) for $9.90 (for 3 pcs)... They also bought quite alot of items too... Anyway, the Baby Fair is almost or exactly the same as the one earlier this year (or last year? can't remember le)...

Went up to the Nursing Room as Jess wanna feed Jannon milk milk & the rest of us need to changed diapers for our little ones... Took some pics @ the nursing room...

Little Prince in his new pram *Thanks Jen for lending me*

Jannon (Jess little princess) *feel like pinching her chubby cheeks*

Me & Jannon

Me & Keidi (Zhuzhu little missy)

Me & Rachelle (Nana's little princess)

4 little ones & the FAT me

After that, Zhuzhu, Jess & me went over to Paragon for coffee session while Nana went to look for her friend @ the Baby Fair... The 3 of us had our drinks @ StarBucks & really had a great time yakking with them... Little prince was not behaving good again & kept wanting to be carried the moment placed him in his pram... Fed little prince milk milk while waiting for Zhuzhu's hubby to pick her up... Little prince fell alseep after his feed, then Jess & me walked to Somerset Mrt & bidded goodbye with her as she's going Toa Payoh & I'm going back home sweet home... Will meet up with them soon again...


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