Saturday, August 4, 2007

Woke up around 9+am & only started to prepare packing little prince's bag around 11+pm... Supposed to meet Charmaine + Adel @ City Hall Mrt to Suntec @ 12pm, then came Charmaine's sms saying changed to 12.30pm... Then after awhile, I sms Charmaine telling her to meet 1pm instead cuz I need to feed little prince milk milk @ 12+pm... Anyway, hubby sent me + little prince there...

After meeting up with Charmaine, we headed down to Marina Square for lunchie 1st... I had hotplate curry chicken mee & it's not bad too... I realised now whenever little prince in his pram, he likes to sit up...

We went Baby Fox as Charmaine wanted to get some clothes for Adel... I was also shopping for clothes not for little prince, but for myself... The reason being the plastic thingy on the strap of my top suddenly chipped off & it's kinda sharp when I felt it brushing against my skin whenever I move the handles of my tote bag... So no choice got to get new top & changed right away...

Went to the shop (where I bought the 'faulty' top that I'm wearing) & saw a floral top I liked... Hmm... Apparently, there's 2 young sales girl & I'd asked one of them on what I can do about the plastic thingy... That sales girl said that she'd no idea about it & I was kinda pissed off when she said that the plastic thingy is not their fault & it's MY fault (OK! it's my fault)... I just told her that I DIDN'T even SAY it's THEIR FAULT, cuz I only merely asking WHERE can I get that FIXED... Where the hell did I say it's their fault??? duhz~~~~~ The other thing that I'm not ok was when I made payment with NETS... 2 young chaps came to look for them & the guys were standing @ the cashier... When I wanna keyed in my pin, the guys gave way & I was standing in the middle... Wth! I mean, why can't the guy on my left moved over to one side of the cashier instead of me standing in between them side by side??? Didn't HE know that it's an very sensitive thing when people keying in the pin? I looked @ him & asked him to stand over to the other side CUZ I WANNA MAKE THE BLOODLY PAYMENT... Anyway, not stepping into that shop again (other banches ok, but not this branch)!

Damage: $27.90 *changed into this top*

Went to another shop as I saw something I liked too... *grinz* I quite liked that top so went on trying & decided to get it... It's very similar design that I've saw earlier on & that one cost about $100+ (forgotten the brand, but also a shop in Marina Square)... I even asked the auntie to help me steamed iron the new piece cuz I wanna WEAR it on the spot... Yes! You peeps never read wrongly, I changed ONCE again... Even Charmaine can't tahan me, cuz few minutes ago I bought & wore that top to replace the faulty one & now I wanna changed into the newly bought top... Sometimes I also can't tahan myself... =P

Damage: $39.90 (can be worn as off shoulder)

Walked over to Mini Toons as Charmaine needed to get new hair accessories for Adel as she lost one when we're shopping @ Baby Fox... While I was browsing thru' the items there, I wanted to change back to the floral top I've bought earlier & asked Charmaine to look after little prince... LOL!!! Charmaine REALLY can't tahan me, said I very bo liao & machiam fashion show, keep changing & changing... haha =P After that, went over to Suntec as Charmaine wanna see more of Baby Fox clothings for Adel (actually I also la but bought nothing) and then to Toy 'R' Us to see toys while waiting for Charmaine's dh, Sam (not my hubby Sam =P) to come pick us for swimming session with Amy + family, Wendy + family & Rebecca + family @ Balestier...

Woohoo!!! This was the 1st time that I'd bring little prince for a swim... After changing into swimming attires, Charmaine carried little prince to have his 1st dip in the water... He started to CRY when he's in the water cuz this was his 1st time & the water kinda cold initially (maybe he's afraid of water)... Then I was in the water with him & after awhile, he seemed to relax down & sat very comfortably on his float... Had a great swimming time with the gang & little prince seemed very enjoyed... Will bring him for a swim again...

We proceeded with dinner over to Amy's uncle chicken rice stall @ Toa Payoh & thumbs up for the chicken rice... Little prince was getting VERY cranky & kept crying when placed him in his pram... So no choice I had to carry him in one hand & eat with the other hand (can't even have my dinner in peace)... Thanks to Josie, Wendy's helper, for helping me to take care of him while I finished my dinner... Thought of bringing him back to mummy's place for awhile as mummy's working tomorrow & didn't get to see him for 1 week... But in the end didn't cuz it's getting late so I joined the gang to Kiddy Palace & fed him there... We even went for dessert before heading home sweet home...

P/S: 1) Thanks to Amy + family for sending me home =)

2) Thanks to Charmaine + family for letting me hitched a ride (forgotten to thank her most of the time)

3) Thanks to Micheal (Wendy's dh) & Charmaine for carrying little prince sitting comfortably his pram all the way down the stairs from the multi-storey carpark (where we had our dinner)

4) Thanks to Charmaine for helping me carry one of my bags & little prince's pram all the way down the stairs from the multi-storey carpark (on the way to Kiddy Palace)

I LOVED MY GANG!!! They're the most wonderful peeps that I've known... =)


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