Saturday, July 21, 2007

20th July 2007

Met DZ to town for some window shopping... Supposed to meet @ 3pm but instead I'm late & reached there @ 3.45-3.50pm... On my way to town in the train, there's a young guy (think he's like 17+ 18) boarded the train @ Bugis. When he stepped into the train cabin, it was abit crowded & he was like acting cool (listening to his ipod) & not holding onto any metal poles to prevent one self from 'falling' when the train moves off... And you know what, when the train started to moved, he lost his balance & his butt came falling onto my little prince's pram (the front) & little prince was sleeping & that young guy didn't even bother to apologise even he see my 'angry' face & even those people around me kinda letting him know that there's a baby sleeping when his butt came falling onto the pram... Only minutes after, then he finally apologised I just acknowledged it with a glare... *angry*

Anyhow, our initial plan was to meet @ Dobby Ghaut to Citibank @ Macdonald House but the bank was closed... So she called me & said meet @ Orchard instead... We both coincidenatlly wore almost the same top (cuz both our top was in pokka dots & it's black background, the only difference it's the mid top part & the lace finishing @ the bottom... lol... When we're on our way up the escalator from CK Tang to Far East Plaza, the whole sky was dark & I was telling DZ that I think it's gonna rain... And true enough, it started to rain heavily & we're stuck @ CK Tang... So decided to walk around CK Tang while waiting for 1) Charmaine to come collect her 3/4 pants from DZ & 2) the rain to stop (it acutally did)...

Had my late lunchie @ Long John Silver (YES! again) when reached Far East then shopping time! Spent most of our day in Far East alone & both of us spent the exact same amount (I've got 3 necklaces,3 for $10 & she got a tube top for $10)... We shopped almost every shops in Far Fast & went Gelare for a short break as it's little prince's feeding time... Thereafter went to the nursing room to have his diaper changed & shopped for a little while longer before headed home sweet home...

Went to meet Charmaine & family, Jennifer & family, Rebecca & family + her sil's (sis-in-law) family, Wendy + Micheal, Amy + Romi and Elaine + Shawn for prata as supper @ Upper Thomson... Supposed to be there @ 10.15pm but I reached there around 11.05pm due to some drama... As the place closed @ 12am, we decided to shift to somewhere else but after spending some time on the road cuz still deciding where to go, ended up we headed home...

p/s: sorry for the long winded post... =)


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