Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today met up with little prince's godma Josephine... She picked us up @ 2.00pm (@ my place) & off we went to Marina Square for Sakae Sushi (YES! again as we're both Sakae Sushi lover)... Little prince was well-behaved today & fed him milk milk @ Sakae... The staffs there @ Sakae carried him for awhile... After our meal, we went to shop around...
Went Chocz for some drinks & desserts... Little prince had a great fun time with godma till when it's his milk milk time, he doesn't wanna drink & started to get cranky... Think probably cuz he didn't had his afternoon nap... Anyhow, godma sent us home & he fell alseep thru' the journey...
Pics of the day

with pretty godma

playing with the menu

doesn't wanna look @ the camera

playing with his toy

starting to get cranky


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