Thursday, June 28, 2007

Met up with Charmaine, Catherine, Jessie & kids, & Romi & Amy family for delicious FHB (fish head bee hoon) for lunchie... After that, went Bugis to shop around with Jessie & Denise & Zenson & Amy & Manfred... As Manfred need a haircut, we went down to PS cuz Jessie remembered there's a hair salon for kids called Kids House...When reached there, we couldn't find that shop as part of PS is still under renovation... Went to check with the information counter & found out that the salon no longer there... So went down to United Square to get his hair cut...

Went shop around & got some Baby Fox clothes for Kayden... They are having a kinda promotion for short sleeve tees, shorts & skirts are of 2 + 1, meaning buy 2 get 1 free... Informed Jennifer about it as she also kinda like Baby Fox clothes for her son & didn't know she went down straight after work... Haha... After a while, the kids starts to be cranky liao... Cuz it's feeding & sleeping time... Had Ben & Jerry's ice-cream & fed the kids...
Damage of the day: $39
I wanna find a story book consists of 365 stories so I can read to Kayden 1 story a day... But don't seems to find it... If anyone knows where I can get that, let me know? Thanks in advance...

Anyway took some pics, so let the pics do the talking...

pics of the day & random pics:
"Mummy, what you doing?"

"Mummy, I want that!!!"

"Huh, why take my pic??"

"I can hold my own milk bottle"
"Mummy, I want french fries..."

"Why Adel jie jie carry me??"


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