Monday, June 11, 2007

Kayden turns 3 months old today!!! Time really flew very fast... 9 months ago, I was still anticipating his arrival... When nearer to Mar 2007, I'm even more anxious towards his arrival... And now, he's already 3 months old... =)

Today brought Kayden for his 1st 5-in-1 jab... His appointment was supposed to be @ 2.15pm, but me. hubby & Kayden was still @ home, *Kayden still in his sarong to be exact*... So had to leave home asap @ 2.30pm to Bedok poly clinic... Before he took the jab, brought him to the poly clinic's PD for his 3 months assessment... Overall, the PD said he's doing fine... =) Kayden's weight now is 7.46kg *WOW* & standing @ 64cm... hmmm, a tall chap ya... =D He didn't cry when the nurse jabbed him, only cry a while after the medication being injected & stopped after the needle was being removed... Anyway, that's my boy!!!

Today also it's my wedding anniversary... Happy 4th Anniversary hubby!! Actually thought of having a nice lunchie with hubby & of cuz my lil' prince, but decided not to as I'm afraid that Kayden will have fever due to the 5-in-1 jab... So we only had KFC for our wedding anniversary... After that, home sweet home...

p/s: pray hard that Kayden will not have fever... & he knows how to flip & loves to baby talk... =D

pics of the day!!

His 1st flip!! *a round of applause*

His 1st shower @ 3 months


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