Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Copied & tagged by Jansey

*more of my brain cells dead*

10 reasons why Mummy married Daddy

here goes:

1) Love at 1st sight, when I was clubbing @ Zouk

2) He gave me a sense of security

3) He's a good-tempered person, whereas I'm hot-tempered *that's why can click*

4) Always give in to me

5) Even I got his beloved car scratched, also never blame me @ all

6) He never ask me to do any household chores *cuz he knows that I don't do @ all*

7) Never restrict me in spending money

8) Never ever nag @ me whenever I buy lotsa of shoes & bags

9) Never restrict me from going out with my guy friends

10) A GREAT lover cum hubby

4 ppl to continue this tag-game:

-> nadia

-> xiaoxue

-> molemole

-> aiko


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