Sunday, April 29, 2007

Been lacking of sleep these 2 days cuz of my precious bao bei... Haiz...

28 April 2007

Went to one of my forumies ds (ie: dear son) baby shower with Pingmis & Augboyz... Little Ryan's is really very adorable... He reminded me of Kayden's size when he's just born... Think Kayden is getting bigger in size... I couldn't help but to compare his size with Ryan's... Kayden is only older than Ryan by 1/2 month, but looking at thier tiny little bodies, Kayden doesn't look like he's only 1+ month... By the way, the food's YUMMY!! cuz it's from Neo Garden... Hehe... Brought Kayden to my granny's place... He's being a good boy, although it's his nap time in the afternoon...

After that, went Suntec with mummy & daddy... Surprisingly, the carpark's not full, managed to get a parking lot near the lift... Went to FOX as they're having promotion to celebrate their 3rd year anniversary from 26 April till 1st May... The promo that they had was to purchase apparel @ retail price & buy selected items @ $3... And if purchase up to $60, you're entitled to a $30 voucher to be use for the next purchase... I bought a demin jumper, 3 t-shirts (2 @ the price of $3 each) and 1 orange polo tee for Kayden... So contented with my purchase... Drove mummy & daddy back home as it's getting late...

damage of the day: $68.00

29 April 2007

Today is daddy's birthday... The birthday man wanted to have tim sum @ Fortunate Restaurant @ Toa Payoh... Well, the birthday man wins... It's been donkey years since I last had tim sum there... It was super duper crowded, maybe cuz Mother's Day is round the corner... We had 16 plates of tim sum & I alone already whipped up almost 1/2 of what we had... *greedy me*

This is a treat from me to daddy... I didn't know having only 16 plates of tim sum was sooooooo expensive... Hubby even commented he rather use the $$$ to bring daddy to any hotels for their buffets... After that, went NTUC for a while... Initially wanted to go AMK Hub to shop, but ended up heading home cuz hubby been nagging me not to spend so much $$$$... He said I've been spending too much these few days, or eversince Kayden's baby shower... He said everytime I bring Kayden out gai gai, I ended up buying lotsa stuffs... So for now, I had to curb my shopping temptations... =(

damage of the day: $97.60


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