Sunday, April 15, 2007

14th March 2007

Brought Kayden out for the 2nd time to my girl friend's place alone again... YES!!! Alone again, and this time round with additional Kayden's pram... I never expect that I can handle him & the pram soooooooo well... *a round of applause for myself... =)*
My purpose of going to my girl friend's place is to purchase a pair of wedges that she's selling online... Anyway, my girl friend is having a shoe fair @ Chinatown Point this coming Monday, 16th April till 23rd April... I must say the shoes she's selling are quite nice & are from Hong Kong... I got the black one... But I'm thinking of getting the turqouise one too... Hmm...

Pls kindly visit for all the shoes range... *hehe... must get commisson from my girl friend for advertising on her behalf...* And ya, when I'm changing Kayden's diapers in my friend's room, Kayden 'accidentally' pee a few drops onto her bed... Lol... Luckily she never geh gao with me... *Phew*

After that, went to Diana's daughter, Demi's baby shower... Demi is only 5 days younger than Kayden... Hmm... Maybe next time Kayden & Demi can celebrate birthday together... Lol... I would say this was a challenge for me, cuz I have to carry Kayden, a bag of gifts from my girl friend to Kayden & also his pram... But I still managed to cope with it all the way to Yishun... When I reached there, Rebecca aka LingC, Darren aka Gunners, Wendy aka clhw30, Elaine aka bell were already there with their little ones... Shane was sooo cute, he knows how to smile when you're playing with him... How I wish Kayden can do that soon... I left an hour later cuz my mil TOLD me or rather NAG many times to bring Kayden back early... And Diana was super duper nice to get her hubby send me back home... *Thanks Diana*

15th April 2007

Today again, I brought Kayden to my mummy's place and then to my granny's place... My granny had not seen Kayden eversince he's born... So had to go today... I really find that pram is very useful to me, cuz I don't have to carry Kayden all the way and provided the places I'm going is pram friendly... Stayed @ my granny's place for while as Kayden is very cranky & went Orchard together with my parents... I would say this is the 1st time that my parents actually went out with Kayden...

Had late lunchie @ Taka foodcourt & shopped around Taka for baby stuffs to put @ my mummy's place... Yuppie!! Bought a pair of 3/4 pants from Fashion Lab... Realised after giving birth, I can't fit in some of my clothes... Only managed to squeeze into one of my favorite jeans today... Haiz... =( After that went Gap @ Wisma to get Kayden new clothings, as I realised he doesn't have much clothes for gai gai... Am happy with what I bought... =) But I'm thinking should I change the rompers sizes from 3-6 months to 6-12 months... Cuz I'm afraid that Kayden might not be able to fit in as time goes by... He's weighing @ 5 kg now, am surprised that just within 1 week he gained weight so fast since his last checkup last Tuesday... Kayden slept thru'out the whole outing, except for being very cranky & crying non-stop when wanna drink milk milk or poo poo... (x_x)


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