Sunday, March 4, 2007

YUPPIE!!! FINALLY get to play MAHJONG today, after craving for it for more than 1 month...

Just came back from mahjong @ Angie's place... Reached Angie's place around 2.30pm, supposed to meet @ 2pm... hehe... They already set up the mahjong table before I reached there... We started playing @ 2.45pm... We played very small only, 20 - 40 cents only... Can you imagine our 1st round of mahjong lasted for almost 4 hours... OMG!!! Cuz normally they only played 10 - 20 cents, which to me, is time-consuming & most importantly, waste of energy... So they gave in to me & agreed on 20 - 40 cents... Hehe... =P Anyway, while we playing the 1st round, more & more of her friends came along & soon another mahjong table was being set up...

After our 1st round of 4 hours, we decided to play another round and the stakes remain the same... Although I'm kinda bored of playing the 1st round for almost 4 hours, I continue to play the 2nd round, cuz I'm craving for mahjong ma... So I played for the sake of fulfiling my craves lor... And as usual, our 2nd round also lasted for almost 4 hours or more... Haiz... And more & more of her friends came again & another 2 mahjong tables were being set up... So imagine how many people came today... After our 2nd round, we had steamboat for dinner... Feeling sooooooo FULL after having steamboat...

Then we played our 3rd round of mahjong... Surprisingly, our 3rd round seems to end very fast... We started playing around 10.45 - 11 pm and ended our last game around 12.45am... Maybe cuz we reduced our stakes from 20 - 40 cents to 10 - 20 cents nia, so that's why they don't really have to think very long on which tile to discard... Lol... o.O

And all these while when I'm playing, lil' Kayden was being very naughty... He tends to move alot & his movements somehow very rough, I had to keeping massaging my tummy... Hmm... *Kayden today very naughty boy*

To sum up, total damage after 3 rounds of mahjong: $ 23.00 (All thanks to those who KEEP gaming 4 tais & 5 tais & + zi mo!! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!)


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