Saturday, February 3, 2007

~*~ GaTheRing @ JeNNiFer aKa AuGbOyz's HoUsE ~*~

Today there's a gathering @ one of my forumies's place... This gathering also being organised by the Charmaine, who had organised the previous gathering @ Sakae Sushi last month...

Reached Jennifer's place @ 1.45pm, after having searching her place for almost 15 mins... Charmaine ordered Hi-Tea from Neo Garden for 20 pax and the food simply delicious... The following is the menu:

  1. Mini chocolate eclair
  2. Mini Egg Tarts
  3. Crystal Bun
  4. Mini Soon Kueh
  5. Spring Roll
  6. Sotong You Tiao
  7. Chicken Fillet
  8. Chicken Siew Mai

And the following is the food that some mummies prepared:

  1. Fruit salad by Wendy aka clhw30
  2. Spaghetti aglio olio by Elaine aka Bell
  3. Fried bee hoon & fried crispy chicken & Pigs Stomach soup by Jennifer's hubby
  4. Honeydew sago by Charmaine
  5. Cocktail sausage by Ringocat

I'm happy to know more mummies and the following are those that I met them for the 1st time:

  1. Elaine aka bell
  2. Eunice
  3. Jennifer aka AugBoyz
  4. Diana aka dkycteo
  5. Lois
  6. Adeline aka Kayton Mummy
  7. Jennymak
  8. Xiaoxue
  9. Jacqueline aka Vodkager

I'd to admit that everyone had a great time as well as the kids... The kids were playing with bubbles... As for the mummies, they were busy taking care of their kids that no one's free to play mahjong... =(

As for me, I also had a great time playing with their kids and I stayed there till 6+pm with Charmaine & Katherine...

Well, I hope that there will be more gatherings coming up & hopefully after I deliver & my confinement...