Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Today woke up @ 12.30pm & getting myself prepared for my checkup later @ 2pm... Left the house with hubby @ 1.30pm and headed down to KK...

Went straight for my appointment with the nutritionist... I was so afraid of taking my weight cuz I know I've put on alot of weight eversince my pregnancy... So when she ask me to step onto the weighing scale, she was kinda surprised that I've lost 100g in 2 weeks... My weight 2 weeks ago was @ 61.9kg & today my weight was 61.6kg... Hmm... I was very happy la cuz I know I didn't put on any weight even though few times I had fast food for dinner without my hubby's knowledge... LOL!!! Anyway, my nutritionist said she will be seeing me 2 weeks later for the last time & I don't have to go back & see her again... =)

After that, went for my routine checkup @ Clinic C... After I self-registered myself @ the counter, went for the usual routine test... The doctor who attended to me today let me hear Kayden's heartbeat... He also commented that my sugar level is very good and under control... But he didn't commented much on my weight though... I'm into my 33 weeks & 2 days now, according to the doctor... So he wanted to give me my next appointment 4 weeks later which is my 37 weeek... Then I was like telling the doctor, "Huh? I thought now my appointment should be every 2 weeks and once every week after 36 weeks?? Cuz that's what the doctor told me on my last appointment 2 weeks ago..." Then the doctor was like, "Oh... So they start giving you every 2 weeks appointment till 36 weeks then once every week ar... Then if that's the case, ok lor... Your appointment will be 2 weeks later lor..." I'm thinking who's the doctor, me or that blur like sotong doctor? I even told my hubby about this & he also agreed that the doctor very blur... But I'm wondering how come the doctor never arrange for scanning ar? I miss seeing Kayden... =(

Anyway, after my appiontment, we headed down to Toa Payoh HDB Hub to have our lunch & to Kiddy Palace to get the remaining stuffs for Kayden... This trip to Kiddy Palace cost me $150+... Haiz... But even spending lotsa $$ on our precious Kayden's stuffs, I would think it's still worth it... Can't wait to see Kayden soon...

Hmm... I think Kayden really likes to be on my right side, cuz I always feel my right side hardens often and sometimes I can feel his tiny back... =) So since Kayden have been a good boy all this while, Mummy shall reward you with McSpicy burger later...


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