Wednesday, March 14, 2007

FiNaLLy tHe LoNg wAiT iS oVer!!!

The Loo Family

11th Mar 2007

Hubby & me slept around 3+am after watching some tv programs... Then while I'm tossing on bed cuz of having difficulties in sleeping, I heard a loud 'pop' sound... I was still wondering what's that sound & before I realised what's happening, I felt warm water gushing out & my whole pad is soaked... And from that moment, I finally realised that my waterbag had burst by itself!!! When I looked @ the time, it's 4.30am... So I hurried to the toilet to check & more water gushing out again... So I quickly went for a shower & wake hubby up from his beauty sleep to send me to KKH... Hubby was like blur blur & asked am I sure or not, cuz we never anticipated that Kayden will arrive soooo fast... On our way there, more & more water gushing out... Admitted @ 5+am & they wheeled me into the labour ward straight away...

The doctor in charge came in & checked that I've dilated 3cm... She put me on drip to increase my contractions as mine still very irregular... I felt nothing about the contraction pain and still can joked around with my hubby... Every half an hour the nurse in charge will come in to check on my contractions interval... I was 5 cm dilated when they checked on me @ 8.15am, hmmm... seems the rate that I'm dilating is so slow even with the help of the medicine, so the nurse increased the dosage... I asked for epidural @ 10am cuz the contractions is hurting my ribs very bad & the laughing gas is not helping @ all & hubby also asked me to take cuz when he see me like that in pain, he also very heart pain... When they checked on me again @ 11+am, I was already 6-8cm dilated, with the help of the epidural...

Started pushing when I'm fully dilated @ 2pm... Initially I never feel anything of the contractions pain cuz with the help of epidural, so when the doctor saw that I'm not pushing @ all, she reduced the epi dosage & that's when I really felt the contractions for the 1st time... I've pushed & pushed & pushed, only managed to see abit of Kayden's head... After having pushed for 1 hour +, I really have no more strength to push & Kayden's head still not halfway there... Then the doctor off the epidural totally & I was like WTF!!! The pain is really killing me & how dare the doctor off the epi!!! I was 'screaming' & 'scolding' the doctor or whoever is there & I even ordered them to DO what I want them to DO... Haha!!! Even my hubby was surprised!!! When I pushed for almost 2 hours, I TOLD the doctor that I want the help of forceps tp get Kayden out as he was still stuck @ the birth canal... Then the dotor said alot of craps about what's the side effects of using that & if failed, then I had to have emergency c-section... At that point of time, I wasn't listening to the doctors @ all cuz the pain was already killing me, where got time to listen to their craps... lol... The senior doctor came in & said to go for the c-section immediately as my Kayden's head had been stuck there for very long... So I was wheeled to the Operating theatre @ 4pm & @ 4.15pm, Kayden finally touched down... *Phew*

Below are some pics that was taken when Kayden arrived:

Kayden's 1st pic

Kayden's 1st day!

Kayden's 1st yawn!!


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