Friday, March 9, 2007

Woke up pretty early yesterday @ 6.30am... Also don't know why woke up so early... Still having difficulties in sleeping... Wondering when my lil' one wanna come out... Haiz... Been having dreams of Kayden being borned already... (o.O)

Had breakfast with hubby @ 9+am & slacked for a while before hubby sent me to meet up with Peggy & her son, Kenneth for lunchie @ Swensens, Park Hotel... It's been a long long time since I last saw Peggy... Think our last met up was during secondary school days, which was 10+ years ago... Lol... We resumed contact since last year thru' the same forum that I visited, IdoBaby... Kenneth's a very cheeky boy as what Peggy said & I totally agreed... I had a great time laughing, all thanks to her son to keep me entertained... Hehe...

After lunchie @ Swensens, we went over to Takashimaya as there's a baby fair going on till 25th Mar... All thanks to a forumie that had posted this thread in Idobaby... If not, I also wouldn't know about it... I would say there's quite a huge variety of baby stuffs that's on sale & worth buying... You can find all the baby stuffs & Mummies stuffs there... Although I got most of Kayden's stuffs ready, but when I'm there @ the baby fair, I still can't control myself but to buy more & more stuffs for him... Hehe... And while me & Peggy were looking around, we saw Charmaine @ the fair (she's 'eating' snake during lunch time)... Charmaine said Peggy looked different in real person compared to the pic in Ido, that she can't really recognised Peggy... Haha.. We chatted a while with Charmaine & continued to grab more stuffs...

Ended up, after having browsing & choosing, I had 2 big shopping bags @ the end of the day... I bought in total 6 boxes of Pigeon disposable breast pads (after discount $8 each), 3 packets of cotton wool balls (3 for $5), 1 set of Winnie the Pooh pillow & bolster (2 for $10), 1 set of Mickey Mouse mittens & bootties (after discount $4.72), 1 set of top & bottom for Kayden ($3.30 each), and a few more that I can't remember liao... So total damage for the day = $103.00...

After shopped for a while in Takashimaya, Peggy & me left for MRT station... Anyway, thanks Peggy for the bedding set & the Mickey Mouse's receiving blanket for Kayden...

I got hubby to pick me up @ Aljunied MRT station as I was carrying 2 big bags of my shopping loots from Takashimaya... I ganna nagged by hubby that my tummy so big le still wanna go Orchard & carried so many stuffs (shooping loots)... He kinda 'banned' me from going Orchard cuz I'll be due anytime soon... =(

Supposed to meet Zhuzhu & Nadia today @ Orchard, but cuz of hubby 'banning' me from going Orchard, I'm really sorry to have to cancel the outing with them... It's actually my 1st time meeting them & I really look forward to it, but too bad... =( Guess have to arrange again with them... =(

p/s: I don't care, I will still go Orchard these few days... W/o my hubby's knowledge of cuz... hehe...


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