Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Met Eunice for lunchie @ MOS Burger, Bugis... Had a short chat as she only had 1 hour lunchie break... After that, brought Kayden to the nursing room @ Seiyu to change his diaper as he pooed while still @ MOS burger... Shopped around Seiyu kids department as they're having 20% sales storewide & got few pairs of mittens & botties & a Mickey Mouse sleeveless romper for Kayden...

1st damage: $24.60

Went Dorothy Perkins as I saw a few tops that I like... I don't know why now I'm really into green colour... Tried on a few tops & dresses & finally bought 1 yellow spagetti top... Too bad that it didn't come in green colour, if not I will definately choose the green over the yellow... I was actually hesitating whether I should get the yellow top or a green 3/4 spagetti dress cuz the price difference was only $6... After having heard the sales assistant's opinion, I decided to just get the yellow one... The green dress is actually the same design & material as the yellow one I bought... But if I really like that green one, I can jolly well just go back on thursday & get it... Cuz hubby gonna collect his new I/C on thursday... Oh ya, now then I know Singapore has a rule that you need to change new I/C when you reach 30...

2nd damage: $43.00

After getting that yellow top, I decided to get a white 3/4 capri pants to match with it... Although it can go along with black & demin, it WILL look much better with white... Finally found one @ Double Index and they are having sales up to 50%... I was having 2nd thoughts about the white capri, cuz it's very trans & I can actually SEE the pockets... So decided to walk around & think about it 1st before I buy on impulse... But given my character, normally when I fancy something, I will get it on the spot... So, this time without fail, I went back to get it... The sales staff (I suspect she's the boss *only suspect*) was kinda knew that I'll come back to get it... She kept telling me after washed, it won't be so trans la, those who got the 3/4 pants came back to get other colours la & she herself got all the colours... To me, it doesn't bother me whether really got people going back to get the other colours or not, as long as I like it can liao...

3rd damage: $34.10 (after 10% discount UP $37.90)

After I'm done with my loots *very very CONTENTED*, I saw my primary school mate... When I 1st saw her, I was like OMFG!!! You've given birth to twins & they already 16 months old!!! That means I really damn f**king long never see her!!! I was also surprised that my Kayden is much nore bigger size than her twins... Can you imagine a coming to 2 months old baby is actually bigger size than an infant of 16 months??? She was also surprised that Kayden was so big size... But after she told me that her twins are premmies (ie: born @ 32 weeks) & when they're borned, they only weighed around 1.7+kg, THEN I was relieved... *Phew!* Will be meeting up with her soon as she's also a SAHM (Stay @ Home Mum) to do more catching up...

It seems like every where is having sales... YIPPIE!!!! Meaning can start my shopping spree again!!! Shall DRAG hubby to Bugis this thursday after getting his new I/C... LOL!!!

Total damage of the day: $101.70 (cannot let hubby know if not he will KILL me!!! =P)

P/S: I can't imgaine I have to get size M for the pants... I'm sooooooooooooooooo sad... When can I get back my pre-pregnancy weight & size??????? =(

what's f**king wrong with blogger??? How come cannot choose colours for my text one!!!! Arghhhhhhhh!!!


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