Saturday, May 19, 2007

17th May 2007

Today meeting Bell for lunchie @ Coffee Club, Taka... It's been a long time since I met up with her & she brought Shane with her... Shane's only near to one month older than Kayden... Charmaine came to join us for lunchie too... I've ordered myself a Fish & Chips & it's sooooooo nice... The 3 of us gossiped all the way while we're having lunchie & end our lunch with very SINFUL desserts... I LOVED their Muddy Mud Pie... It's soooooooooooooooooooo delicious!!! After that, me & bell went shopping @ Taka as it rained very heavily & Charmaine went back to work...

Kayden had been very cranky again... Left Taka around 5+pm & the parking fees cost $10+... It's really very ex... Sent Bell home then home sweet home... Thru'out the whole journey, Kayden was sleeping... =)

19th May 2007

Met Charmaine & Adeline @ Tiong Bahru Plaza to go to Kidsloft sales @ Tagore Lane (cuz I don't know the way... hehe...)... Jennifer & dh (dear husband/hubby) & Rebecca were already there waiting for us... Nothing much for me to buy though... After that, went to Amy's ds (ie: dear son) Manfred's birthday @ Sembawang... Luckily the rain had stopped over @ Sembawang, if not I don't know how to push the pram over...

Anyway, had a great time there & Kayden was such a sweetie, he was behaving very good, except for milk milk time...


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