Saturday, June 23, 2007

22nd June 2007

Finally got back my N80!!! Think Nokia should stock up the mobile phones spare parts more than they usually would... I have to wait till f**king long for the spare parts to arrive & to be fixed into my N80... Wanted to bring my little prince to Century Square to collect my phone but decided not to... *no reasons* Anyway, met up with one of my gf for a short coffee...

Thinking of going for a short trip if my financial allows me to do so... I really MISS Hong Kong & especially now they have the DisneyLand *@ least it's cheaper compared to the other DisneyLand*... Used to go Hong Kong every 2 years, but now... =( Have to quickly do my little prince's passport before going on a trip...

Next friday is hubby's birthday!!! Think there won't be any celebration for him cuz I'm going my forum gathering to KTV @ night... *bad wife I am =P* But will go for a nice lunchie with my 2 precious darlings... =)

p/s: will take more pics of my little prince... =P


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