Tuesday, June 19, 2007

18th June 2007

Met up with Zhuzhu @ Orchard for lunchie & a bit of window shopping... I don't know why the train was super duper packed... And there's some inconsiderate people don't know how to moved inwards, keep standing near the doors & blocking the way for my pram to move in... machaim scared they cannot alight... WTH...

Anyway, had lunchie @ Breeks, as what Zhuzhu suggested... Their fish & chips quite big in portion, but I still managed to finished it... haha... Then Kayden started to get a bit cranky when I just wanna start digging into my lunch... So coaxed him with some plain water... lol... Managed to take pics for Zhuzhu with Kayden... She had seen him 3 times but never managed to take any pics with him... He's very cute lor... Wanted to take pictures with Keidi, but no chance... Haiz... Bidded goodbye with Zhuzhu & took train down to Pasir Ris to meet my gf... After that, went home sweet home...

Pics of the day:

p/s: I know why my 'butterfly' fly away liao... Cuz I accidentally deleted the edited html codes' link from my photobucket a/c... =(


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