Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Met Jessie & kids to ICA to do my little prince's passport... There's a super duper long queue for photo taking on level 2 & 3... Then I heard an auntie saying level 4 the queue was shorter... So went up to level 4 to get his photo taken & went level 2 to get the application form cuz I don't wanna queue for application again... Next Monday will be collecting his passport...

Then headed to Marina Square for some 'window shopping'... Had my late lunchie @ LJS... Shopped around @ level 2 & stopped by a shop, Blossom & got myself 2 tops with damage of $49.80...

Went Kiddy Palace with the intention to get milk bottle teats but instead bought pillow & bolster case & a toy for Kayden... After that, went to the nursing room to feed him cuz it's his feeding time... But he never really drink, only drank 20ml & start playing with the teats by pushing left & right in his mouth... After that, sent Jessie & kids home...

Kayden turning 4 months tomorrow... Brought little prince for his 4 month shave as I didn't shave his hair when he's 1 month. I'm quite happy that he didn't make any noise or cry when the malay uncle shaving his hair... He only keep looking around & the uncle complimented Kayden's head shape is nice... *grin*

Pics of my little prince

Finally caught him smiling

Isn't him handsome?

Playing happily with daddy!!

Where's my milk bottle?


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