Monday, July 9, 2007

Today woke up quite late cuz hubby's taking care of Kayden for me as I'm having stupid menses cramp... After having enough sleep, carried Kayden out to the living room as don't wanna disturb hubby's beauty sleep... Placed Kayden on the sofa as I need to go washroom & I even told myself to make it a fast one cuz I have a feeling that something might happen to him... Just before I'm coming out, I heard Kayden crying loudly & I was like, "OMG! Don't tell me that he really fell from the sofa???" Then I quickly rushed to the living room, & I was right... Kayden was lying on the floor on his tummy & crying real loud... Then my heart just dropped when I saw that & almost feel like crying for why I left him there unattended... I quickly carried him up & checked on him to see any bumps on his forehead... Then brought him into the room for a thorough check & I was being scolded by hubby... =(

After having checked that nothing's wrong with him, brought him out to the living room again & this time round, I placed a big mattress on the floor to prevent any accidents to happen... Luckily he still finished him milk milk & am still sleeping till now... *phew* Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will happen to him (ie: vomitting / fever) & will monitor him for 72 hours as what my mummies friend suggested...

p/s: Mummy really sorry for leaving you on the sofa unattended, thus resulted in your fall... Mummy sayang sayang~~ What a bad mummy I am!!


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